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New immigration coalition to hold forum

Press release will be 3/7/09 at the Westhampton Beach Town Hall @2pm.
NOTE---it would be a good advice to ask nurses, doctors, home owners, and those with children in our public schools to attend!!!!!!!!!" Mar 7, 09 8:19 AM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

WOW!!!!! "It's amazing so many "comments" on this particular gossipy issue!!!!Where was this 27east when there was an OLA meeting??? Where were you all when your "comments" were needed! YOUR ALL USELESS AND NO HELP TO YOUR TOWN!!!!" Mar 24, 09 3:44 PM

Former Suffolk legislator and four others arraigned in mortgage fraud scheme

Could those 12 mortgages on properties in Southampton Town include those 1110 and others on N.Sea Road? ...No payments in a year since closed down for harboring illegal aliens and built and owned at one time and maybe still by Beleska and Yonlanda Bernado????" Mar 25, 09 9:45 PM

GOP may not back Schneiderman

Wishy washy...do you call someone wishy washy if on a major bill that will support local families in which he stated to me "I'll sit on the fence"...is that OK for You Gordie Howe!!! NOT FOR ME!!!!! He deserves NO VOTE!!!! How many of you Commenting ACTUALLY went to even One Suffolk Legistlature Meeting!!!!
ps He may be great fun at the Scanlon party playing bongos, but he is not a leader for our communities!!!!" Mar 29, 09 5:41 PM

School officials want county bus stop moved


Citing hassle and expense, East End police departments ignore seizure law

Does anyone else see the correlation between this article and the one in which a poor woman was killed in a head on collision on Sat....the person driving left her and fled! Maybe...just maybe...she might still be alive if this person who fled was pulled over and vehicle taken! DOES IT GET THE POINT ACROSS???! THERE ARE REASONS FOR LAWS AND WHY THE LAW SHOULD BE ENFORCED!!!! " Mar 29, 09 6:14 PM

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

If all the people that responded would please go to Sr.Briege and Linda Kabot and explain the concerns and laws that are not being noticed...Oh, I did that and Sr.Briege's EGO along with friendship and money to the church from Diane Rulnick and G.Brolin....how about 'LET'S CONNECT THE DOTS"....N.Sea Road-section 8-low income housing-illegal houses-with illegal alians living in them-(Guldi,SoHo Journal/MacPherson-slumlords/mortgage fraud)-OLA's meeting-Michael and Irma Brylewski/Columbian consulate using tax payor $$-on school property!!-their business-Insurance and organic cleaning supplies....-Lets just for kicks and giggles----throw in BIG MONEY--back to G.Brolin and Rulnick-Anti-bias Task Force-Now name changed-moveon.org-perez in E.Hampton(-Soros-_Congressman Tim Bishop elected over Zeldin-ACORN..."N.American ballots in SPANISH"(not United States citizen ballots)-THOUSANDS SENT OUT! ---Sisters of Mercy are nothing more than being used as a front as all the Italian MOB Bosses and their wives and families did years ago!!!! LET'S TALK ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS BEING USED FOR THE OPEN DOOR FOR ALL OTHER ILLEGAL WHITE COLLAR CRIMES TO TAKE PLACE...BUILDING-KABOT,HOLTZ,NUZZI,BISHOP,---WORKFORCE/LOW INCOME HOUSING-HEANY,NUZZI,HOLTZ!!!!!!AND ALL THE PEOPLE IN REAL ESTATE HOPPING ON BOARD---THIS IS NOT ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS BEING MISTREATED BY THE LOCAL RESIDENTS ---IT IS ABOUT BIG MONEY AND THE USE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FOR GREED AND TO SUPPRESS THE LOCAL COMMUNITY AND THE HARD WORKERS OF THE COMMUNITY BY MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND DISTORTING THE TRUTH. "REMEMBER G.BROLIN AND RULNICK---YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME,BUT NOT ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME" (AND YOUR TIME IS UP!)" Apr 9, 09 10:41 AM

Again---change the real issue---to those who won't call out---I know you! And I listed YOUR NAMES! Get on with your own life and stop harrasing the hard working local people in the community! GET A REAL JOB INSTEAD OF PLOTTING AN ILLEGAL AGENDA HERE AND IN WASHINGTON FOR YOUR OWN STUPID PERSONAL PROFIT! YOU ARE UP TO NO GOOD AND ARE USELESS GARGABE!" Apr 9, 09 12:44 PM

GARGABE---"useless garbage and your words are the same!"" Apr 9, 09 12:46 PM

AGAIN---THE ISSUE IS USE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FOR ILLEGAL PERSONAL PROFIT..."CONNECT THE DOTS"( and squeaky-stop pretending to be Holier than thou---and along with WHBYankee...you may speak English, but do you have any idea of what it means to be AMERICAN?)
By the way...what "persecution have I done?"" Apr 9, 09 3:06 PM

Poor nieve Jan...haven't you read anything I wrote!? The feeders aren't doing anything even remotely admirable! Don't feel sorry that they may not "understand"...The feeders themselves have an illegal agenda in our communities...it is not to help the poor hispanics...it is to build, develope and make as much money possible until they can do it no more! The illegal aliens are only involved for the labor and to badger local hard working citizens with the help of wealthy illegal agenda citizens so as not to see all the other LAWS that are not being enforced by our Congressman and local Council Persons!!!!!!
Go to a Town board meeting and listen closely to the nonsense...it will make your stomach churn from the lies and dealings between lawyers, builders,and their ideas on what they proclaim legitimate housing in our communities will be.
The problem then becomes for them...how can people NOT See what is really happening? BINGO-focus local citizens as the ones being at issue with race, religion, etc.....we know it is a scam-a sham-and nothing more than out right lies! But as in the movie Liar,Liar..."the truth will set you free!" (Well for you and me, but not the "feeders")" Apr 9, 09 6:29 PM

(dogface-your words and tone fit your identity.)... HBresident-your pompous redirect is getting old and boring-come up with some truth and someday you can really mean it and understand when someone says "Happy Easter"." Apr 13, 09 11:20 AM

Squeaky-your comment @7:45am was/is absolutely correct.(as well as your prior comments as well) I know you are intelligent and caring, and a kind hearted person. You have true solutions and are not egocentric or babbling like some other commentors.
As for SHcitizen---It doesn't make sense does it that we send $$ to Mexico AND import items from Mexico AND give them jobs IN Mexico to assemble cars (and the Japanese are more affordable) AND then only for allowing millions of people to come here ILLEGALLY to TAKE,TAKE AND TAKE more---and claim they need jobs---we have done all we can- it never is ENOUGH---IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE DOES IT?!" Apr 13, 09 12:08 PM

Squeaky-you have constructive comments. It seems that as long as our community has people in the community (notice I did not say members of) making ALOT of $$$ and our Political Representatives seem to think they will still have jobs if they don't enforce Law...then you will continue to do what is lawful and the Illegal Acts will snowball into other illegal acts---you even mentioned gangs earlier---" Apr 13, 09 2:05 PM

SHcitizen and HBresident you both love to listen to yourselves...you both will never change because you have your money making agendas here in our communities. The only thing you can do is slander people and call people names because you are wrong and have nothing substantial to contribute to a solution. A solution would cost You $$$...only because you will not be Making it off of illegal immigrants." Apr 14, 09 9:42 AM

HBresident-if you feel like I am hurting your feelings ...you should take a long look at yourself and your comments...you consistantly name call and now cry like a child when I tell you so ..." Apr 14, 09 10:15 AM

HBresident you are not ignorant...that is true...you do know the issue and yet therefore are stupid. You wouldn't be so angry at anyone anymore and think that most of the world is angry if you could only step into the Light and do what is Right." Apr 14, 09 10:47 AM

Walt-well put, but you can't explain anything to HB-He as always is looking to change the subject and put blame on "someone else". The blame is for politicians and him, not "someone else". And HB-No I didn't ready all your posts...I read them.
I've been perfectly clear in my statements. You continue to change and not to address the true problem. You blame local citizens that care about the communities that they live in and see plainly that the "illegal" immigrants are just setting a background for other "illegal" activities." Apr 14, 09 12:19 PM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

When is the town supervisor going to enforce the law in this town? What happened to the local codes and law enforcement for our town???? I can't comment anymore because I do not see at this time any good it will do. HBresident and others like SHcitizen are constantly name calling and not focusing any constructive views...the hatred that they state and twisted view of our community trying to only bring about full Amnesty shows the kind of people they are. They applaude a "personal attack"...It just shows everyone who we should be looking out for...and be fearful of ...I hope the police find them and the law enforced." Apr 15, 09 4:20 PM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

To the ladies and gentlemen of the Hampton Bays Historical Society:It has always been in the best interest to the survival of our towns to keep the historical preservation-Thank-You. Please continue your fight for the beautiful communities we live in and to ensure enjoyment for all of our beautiful Hamptons.
The Rechlers protest they will bring something better? (only short term $$ for themselves---then we are all left with "their" (how did Ross and INS put it??) trash. The majority of the citizens would much rather have the architecture of old then the "monstrosities" created in our towns recently and proposed for the future!
Reminder-we are in the country-NOT in NY City! If you prefer the surrondings of the city then continue your livelyhood there and don't try to change the beauty we have here and Now!

" May 6, 09 12:43 PM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

....MEMO...LEVY ELECTED HEANEY FOR "WORKFORCE" HOUSEING! and Heaney helped get NUZZI elected...and Holtz is very friendly with both --just to add friends now with Suskind!" May 6, 09 12:54 PM

County Exec signs off on Boys and Girls Harbor purchase

With so much wealth in the Hamptons and all the fancy parties for the poor and cancer victims....doesn't anyone of them ever considered carrying on the wonderful work the Dukes did at the Boys and Girls Harbor???" May 6, 09 1:01 PM

Thiele proposes canceling state fishing licenses for 2010

Fred Theile and Ken LaValle ---"THANK-YOU" !!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!
NOW IF ONLY.... you could support someone with true knowledge of our communities and our economic future Instead of Anna T-Holst!!!!!PLEASE RECONSIDER! " May 6, 09 1:11 PM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

Fred-why did you feel the need to make a statement on this issue when in our town we have so many other issues that will have a great impact on our communities and future economy? Any-way...since you did...I am a Roman Catholic and as far as the Church is concerned ...marriage is between a man and a woman by definition...with that said -GOD SAID ALSO to "love one another-"--he didn't specify! So, being human-I try to follow God's basic lesson.
I know that they will not beable to be married in the Roman Catholic church, but I see no reason a civil service cannot be done." May 6, 09 1:26 PM

Towns look to feds for guidance on green changes

Going green is Not creating buildings...it is decreasing size of housing and better efficiency of work being done in comparison to the output of the projects created! If this town really wants a green program...look to head of Pine Barrens...look to the middle class citizens...Please DO NOT look to a over-educated CONSULTANT!" May 6, 09 1:37 PM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

Is the Gabreski Airport project the same as Levy's project at Gabreski???
Damn politicians! They need to get real jobs instead of screwing up our economy and resources out here!" May 7, 09 8:58 AM

Typical Leftist-Lefty46....instead of true preservation -you tear it down and use more $$ and resourses to do it!!! Then you have the gaul to say you are spear-heading the "fight against global warming".
" May 8, 09 10:40 AM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

HEJIRANYC-I was with you up until the point you started twisted blame on organized religion...that's where you became a bigot!" May 8, 09 10:53 AM

Bigot=an obstinate and intolerant believer in a religion,poltitcal theory,etc.
" May 8, 09 11:02 AM

They came, they saw, they crushed, even the six-foot hot dog

WOW!!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!! Guildi and McPhearson can build beautiful homes, stuff them with illegal aliens, BLOCKBUSTER neighborhoods,set up PERMENENT DUMPSTERS!!!! at each house they built and do mortgage FRAUD!!!------IT TOOKI THE TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON CLOSE TO 7 YEARS JUST TO CLOSE THE ILLEGAL HOUSING DOWN!!!! yet one local guy living in his poor house is considering what I just told you all---immediately taken to an inept form of justice...(I don't agree that is OK for neighbors to live in pigstyes and ruin your neigborhood by infringing on your rights as a law-abiding citizen---I just know for a fact that $$$ talks and you can all see -from the two examples!!!)It's transparent ." May 8, 09 11:14 AM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

INS you should really listen to yourself! " May 10, 09 7:30 AM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

Not quite right workingmomof4...at least East Hampton members fight to keep the beauty and the right for all to enjoy the Hamptons while Southampton sells it off to the highest bidder and ruins communities by allowing Greed to continue." May 10, 09 7:34 AM

Sag Harbor food pantry is always well-stocked thanks to director

I am saying "Thank-You" to Ms.Woudsma. Unfortunately I have to disagree with her last comments in this article. Since I can remember back as a child living in the area...residents have always taken care of one another. There is plenty of community outreach here...The problem now is how do we take care of day-labor illegal help that is brought out here by GREED? We never know the amount ...it could be a few hundered...or bused out thousands!!" May 10, 09 7:46 AM

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