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Southampton Town Supervisor Gets Real Estate License

If you don't vote - don't complain. Put Nov. 3rd. 2015 into your phones or calendars. Get absentee ballots if you'll be out of town. Edmund Burke said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil - is for good men to do nothing"." Oct 19, 14 10:14 AM

Southampton Town drops use of preservation money after outcry

How about we all set aside 2 hours for the next Town Board hearing and show up with 81/2 X 11" signs:

You think 400 or 600 residents would make an impression? Some of the Town Board members will begin to think for themselves.

Remember one of my favorite sayings:
If you don't vote - don't complain." Oct 31, 14 1:49 AM

The Hills At Southampton Golf Course Application Deemed Complete

Read the bottom footnote of page 16 of "The Hills" application.

Do the developers make things up as they go along - to fit the lawful established requirements?" Feb 5, 15 9:29 AM

Voters Head To The Polls On Tuesday

Based on Anna's decisions - regarding the Canoe Place Inn & 37 condos on property zoned for community waterfront access, her PUSH for the Town allowing "The Hills" PDD to move forward over our only source of water & damaging Shinnecock Bay (remember all of the nitrogen effected dead fish & red tides) and this latest request for a change of zone on Montauk Hwy at Weesuck Creek - I thought she would be running as a Republican?!!" Jul 2, 15 10:31 PM

Southampton Town Water Protection Plan Draws Criticism

You think the State DEC might protect our Bays better than Ms. Scalera & the Town Board are planning to protect Weesuck Creek & our drinking water from "The Hills" PDD they're pushing? The DEC couldn't do worse!" Jul 24, 15 4:14 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Supports Public Hearing On Pine Barrens Commission's Right To Hear Hills Application

Did you all read the SHPress EDITORIAL "No Question"? It's in The Sept. 10th Western Edition.
The Editor says
"....the question is enough to raise even more troubling questions."

We don't usually hear the Editors speak like this!" Sep 23, 15 2:58 PM

And, another source of illumination was a letter to the Editor on Sept. 17th, 2015 in the Eastern edition - titled
Frightful Decline by Frederick Havemeyer
"Political opportunism and insincerity were rife"" Sep 23, 15 3:04 PM

Environmentalists Demand Repeal Of PDD Law In Southampton Town

The current Town Board seems to be very resourceful in ignoring the Southampton residents. Our Supervisor isn't leaving fast enough for me. May G-D have mercy on the rest of the residents of Long Island if she does find a way to best David Calone. He is a very bright, worthy and long time Democratic resident of Suffolk County. David has an unblemished record as a hard working & effective Democrat, working on the Suffolk County Planning Commission & is our best candidate to beat Zelden in 2016." Oct 9, 15 11:23 PM

We need to call all of our friends, family & business associates to vote on election day.
Remind them - EVERY VOTE COUNTS !!!
If we don't vote - we can't complain..." Oct 9, 15 11:26 PM

Dear Turkey Bridge,
I'm hoping that someday we'll see a proper "as of right" subdivision plan submitted for the original 436 acres. A land planner told me that they couldn't possibly get a yield of 82 lots - considering that the land north of Sunrise may be unbuildable. It's "land-locked". No access to Sunrise Highway. Split into 2 pizza-pie shaped parts by land OWNED by PSE&G (not a Right Of Way). Severe elevation changes. The Town Planning Department has not reviewed a standard layout that shows the "as of right" lots with proper roads & setbacks, access, etc...
There was an article in 27east a number of years ago that quoted someone from either the Planning Dept. or an East Quogue Civic Assoc. that said they might get 55 lots.
" Oct 9, 15 11:58 PM

Discovery Land Company Attorney Wants To Control Discussion On 'The Hills'

Put the date of the Town Board hearings for this on your calendar & call your friends & family.
Go & have your voice heard!!!
And, vote on Nov. 3rd.
I love that saying:
If you don't vote - don't complain." Oct 10, 15 12:30 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Supports Public Hearing On Pine Barrens Commission's Right To Hear Hills Application

And, it seems that Anna is trying to shut down getting input from the Pine Barrens Commission - in the "interest of having the Town more control"... ?
Wasn't the Pine Barrens Commission created to exert control & protect this special land - that sits over our single-source of drinking water.
October 21st there is a hearing in Brookhaven at 2PM where Anna is going to be part of the board that decides if the Pine Barrens Commission gets to be part of the process.
Maybe she went to the same school as Mr. Bruyn - as far as welcoming discussion & input! I guess they don't want to wait for the PBC to give us their opinion, same as they didn't want to hear the Suffolk County Planning Commission's rejection of this project (see SHPress article "Suffolk County Planning Commission Rejects East Quogue Golf Course Development Proposal" on Sept 18th, 2013." Oct 11, 15 9:02 PM

Environmentalists Demand Repeal Of PDD Law In Southampton Town

Let's not be too quick to judge Discovery.
The following quote was taken from Sept 19th, 2014 post about Discovery's Bakers Bay (Bahamas) Golf Course project:

"I spoke with the former monitoring team for Bakers Bay. They reported back that this type of project was abandoned because it was rejected for environmental reasons. I then spoke with the current and sole environmental monitoring consultant for Baker's Bay, who explained that she was not familiar with this dredging project, and that she 'gets only small projects' from Bakers Bay.

In other words, Baker's Bay went ahead with a project that was rejected by their own monitoring team as a danger to the nearshore environment."

And, I sure they have valid reasons - if this is accurate.

" Oct 11, 15 11:12 PM

Let's not judge AnnaT-H too quickly - just because she has a penchant for slipping things onto the Town Board agenda at the last minute - barely giving her other board members time for review. Why do they need to waste their precious time - Anna has already sorted it all out!!!
Like the time she pushed a last minute resolution onto the agenda to transfer $500,000 of a mitigation payment - into an account to pay for some other property deal she liked, that was UNDER-FUNDED. The 500K was specifically intended for Architectural Preservation, said Anne Surchin, Chairwoman of the Peconic Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.
Well, after Queen Anna hustled her board into a quick 5 yea votes - the whole process had to go back to the board and get rescinded! Everyone had to reconnoiter to undo their actions. Interesting that this whole quickie was also surrounding a golf course development...Read SHPress July 7th, 2010 "Southampton Town Drops use of preservation money after outcry".

I hate getting hustled with a quickie - "we gotta do this right now"!!!" Oct 12, 15 12:03 AM

Pine Barrens Commission Cancels Jurisdiction Hearing Regarding 'The Hills'

It never ceases to amaze me how a politician can say one thing, try to do the exact opposite & when they get "outed" for a crappy questionable move - they say "that's a good idea also".
" Oct 22, 15 3:56 PM

As Housing Units Grow, So Does Traffic In Southampton Town

First of all - what's wrong with a "Traffic Study" done in the Hamptons in January? The roads are open, yes!
And, Queen Anna announced at a Town Board meeting that "PDD's will decrease traffic", so - what is confusing?" Oct 26, 15 5:01 PM

Schneiderman Scores Supervisor's Seat In Southampton Town; Scalera Wins Reelection; Bouvier Earns Town Board Seat

I'm confident that Mr. Bender will live up to the expectations that his supporters placed in him when they voted him in.

Maybe Mr. Glinka will stop drinking the Kool-Aid and understand how important the environment is to our East End economy.

" Nov 5, 15 3:47 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

Why would the people of Southampton support a change of zone that would create more traffic on County Road 39 ?
Why would our Supervisor subject the people that voted her into
office - several times - to this kind of "slow death" ?
The only people that will miss Anna and her side-kick Brad will be the developers. " Nov 24, 15 2:02 PM

Why would the people of Southampton support a change of zone that would create more traffic on County Road 39 ?
Why would our Supervisor subject the people that voted her into
office - several times - to this kind of "slow death" ?
The only people that will miss Anna and her side-kick Brad will be the developers." Nov 24, 15 2:03 PM

How nice would it be to have someone like Julie Lofstad on our Town Board. Julie has volunteered on the local school board, founded Untapped Ability to help find jobs for working moms, managed the Port Authority of NY & NJ's multi-million dollar grant program.
She now works in her family's 100 year old Hampton Bays fishing business and has been quoted (and really means it) saying "that we need drinkable, swimmable and clammable" waters.
Julie will be a vocal and strong supporter of what makes Southampton's resort economy successful - preserving our natural resources.
" Nov 24, 15 3:27 PM

Was Anna a Democrat?
Has she disappointed her "regular townspeople" supporters?

She's a Democrat today, yes?

Maybe we should send her back to the Independents...and Brad." Nov 25, 15 11:08 PM

Anna will be gone soon. Let's make sure all of us vote for David Calone against her in next June's Democratic primary for the opportunity to run against US Congressman Lee Zeldin.
Anna's web site says: "Congress has shown little respect for people who have to work for a living". Boy, does Anna fit in there.
Brad is gone & hopefully, his puppet-master Anna will follow.
VOTE or don't complain. " Nov 25, 15 11:43 PM

Julie Lofstad - well founded in our community. She has shown her commitment to helping other in our town.
I hope we don't miss this opportunity to elect someone who has such a broad connection to the community." Nov 25, 15 11:50 PM

Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender To Resign After Charged With Buying, Reselling Prescription Drugs

From SHPress on Sept 24th, 2014:
“When you were elected you were charged with upholding the laws of Southampton—in Hampton Bays you have failed to do that,” Julie Lofstad added. “You have failed in such an epic way that our schools are bursting at the seams, our tax base shrinks as our taxes increase, and our school population skyrockets. Hampton Bays is going to implode.”
Ms. Lofstad continued by saying that the fines that the town hands out to landlords for violating various occupancy and safety codes are too low to impact those who are making large amounts of money by relying on houses rented to large numbers of people.
The leaders of the Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays, a residents group, lamented that even though their group presented the town with a list of some 580 properties that were violating town rental requirements more than two years ago, they have seen little evidence of action. A year ago, the number of properties in violation they presented to the town had grown to 630." Nov 29, 15 12:01 AM

Could there be more to come out of Mr. Bender's investigation?

While watching or listening in on Mr. Bender - might some other "player" at Town Hall been observed doing something other than the peoples work?

Can't wait to see the next "shoe to drop"!
" Nov 29, 15 10:38 AM

Special Election To Replace Brad Bender Scheduled For January

This is from Julie Lofstad for Town Board - from last October:

"When I was approached and asked if I was interested in running for an elected position, the first thing I thought was, I can’t do that – I’m not a politician. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I WAS qualified for the job. I am a small business owner, a mom, and a fisherman’s wife. I am a hard worker and a passionate advocate for my community. I believe that these various hats I wear everyday, give me the skills, the vision, and the understanding, to serve as an effective council person.

I am honored and excited about this new chapter in my life, and I look forward to advocating for and serving my community"." Dec 2, 15 11:53 AM

Democratic Party Nominates Julie Lofstad To Run For Town Board

Isn't it time to elect someone to the Town Board that doesn't have an agenda of their own!

Isn't it time to choose someone with brains and integrity!

Someone whose resume shows that she has accomplished success in her business career and has been involved in activities - donating her time to advance the community that she grew up in & lives with her family in! A community that her family has been part of for over 100 years.

Haven't we had enough of politicians that say exactly what we want to hear but do not vote that way...

Julie will represent our Town for the best interests of THE TOWN! Not personal advancement.

But, please - no matter who you vote for on January 26th - vote. " Dec 7, 15 10:32 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

Quite succinctly put. You could confuse all of the "haters" if you keep this up...

Anna has several dedicated benefactors (or developers) behind her (Michael B & Bobby M) and doesn't have to worry about short term income.

Long live the Queen" Dec 23, 15 6:07 PM

And, what king of "road trip" can any of us have with all of the added traffic she is trying to push through...?!!

" Dec 23, 15 6:09 PM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

Wanna read the extremely well written letter - referred to in this article?

Attached below is the letter & comments by Suffolk County Planning Board member Barbara Roberts - from North Haven:


" Dec 23, 15 8:11 PM

Developer Submits Draft Environmental Impact Statement For 'The Hills' To Southampton Town

MAGIC POWDER - fabulous! A "game-changer" in the fight against pollution.

This developer is going to sprinkle magic powder on the grass and "it actually becomes a nitrogen-negative project".

Talk about "going that extra yard". The story wasn't spectacular enough at promising "nitrogen-neutral" - now, with this newly discovered magic powder - golf course fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc..., become helpful to the environment.

So - we should plant turf over all of the remaining pine barrens and the water quality issues on Long Island will be solved.

And if it doesn't work - Oh well. We tried." Dec 25, 15 11:40 AM

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