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East Quogue Community Notes, April 9

What's going on in your own community
Houses on VRBO, weekly, monthly rentals
Rumor of alleged squatters living on Maggie
For Sale signs not supposed to be on lawns as per covenant
Town Officials of NO Help!

" Apr 9, 15 8:43 PM

Westhampton Beach Closes Investigation On Alleged Student-Staff Member Relationship

That's why this school board needs representation from all its feeder hamlets to be eligible to run for board seats!
WHB, doesn't seem to be playing by the rules in so many areas" Jun 25, 15 2:43 PM

Town Expands Scope Of Questions For The Hills At Southampton

Are they kidding, an administration building, there are no administrators in EQ!

How about allowing the residents of EQ the use of the golf course, bet that would change a lot of folks minds!

Maybe the new Town Supervisor will have some real ideas, isn't Anna abandoning Southampton for other pastures?
" Jun 25, 15 2:50 PM

Comptroller: State Tax Cap To Dip Below 1 Percent In 2016

Time for East Quogues school to look at a merger opportunity and at the same time the community in its entirety endorse the Hills Project which will assist in supporting our one elementary school.
Those who objects can just keep watching the school self destruct and continue to pay exorbitant taxes. " Jul 23, 15 1:13 PM

Environmental Study For The Hills In East Quogue Rejected For Third Time

Grow up folks and accept progress as it benefits EQ taxes, schools and the town in and of itself.
They forgot to bring Baldwin again whose not a resident of EQ to the meeting so the brought a HB volunteer - who is the opposition bringing next time?
What a farce...time to approve and move on! " Aug 25, 16 11:25 AM

New Business Park Continues To Take Shape In Westhampton

Just like the project Wainscot Woods in the 80's - they were building homes with a public mall, community pool and tennis courts . That too never was finished as they built about a dozen homes sold off the remaining lots and never completed any of the projects as promisedn their brochures, advertising etc. .
Why should these two ventures mentioned above be any different? The only difference back then they were Reckson, then RXR, R squared who knows what they'll be called next?
Maybe their expectations on projects are just too big and need to be downsized" Sep 1, 16 3:34 PM

First Hearing On The Hills In East Quogue Draws Big Crowd, Mixed Reactions

We all need to be relieved of taxes, school improvement, town improvements.
This is worse than 18 months of electioneering we all just went thru. Enough is enough so lets get on with this one way or another rather than divide East Quogue" Nov 10, 16 11:41 AM