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Neighbors worry after murder of elderly woman

In regards to North Haven residents worried, I think the SCPD Homicide statement in the media right after the murder, that area residents should not be too concerned about their safety, indicates who they are focusing on as a suspect. The daughter leaves the house for an hour and returns to find her 100 year old mother murdered? It does not make sense. There has to be a motive. Also I read that the Sag Harbor dump was closed on Labor Day for a search by police after the daughter stated she stopped there Sunday. This indicates the rifle impounded at the murder scene was probably not the murder weapon. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a handgun lying in the bottom of one of North Haven's ponds a short ride from the house. I would also side with SCPD Homicide that if I was a neighbor, I would not be too concerned about my safety. A murder suspect will no doubt be arrested, lab tests, etc take time, police don't won't a weak case. " Sep 5, 08 10:20 PM

The Lobster Inn suffering as a result of county roadwork

Actually the Sunrise Hwy did go to Southampton since 1963. In 1970 the portion between Hampton Bays and Eastport was completed and opened. However recent roadwork has made it very difficult for eastbound traffic to get to the restaurant. The owner has serious problems because of this. " Sep 24, 08 9:01 PM

Prized book fuels ownership dispute

Write it off as a tax deduction, Doc." Sep 29, 08 5:55 PM

Plans for Big Duck Ranch unveiled

On trips to Riverhead in the 60's, my parents would point out the Big Duck as we passed by. A gentlemen use to sell eggs inside the Big Duck in those days. Good to see the duck is back to it's old home. It never looked right sitting in Sears Bellows Park. Also great that the little stucco building next door will be restored. It was last a sandwich shop in the 80's called My Hero, if I recall." Oct 8, 08 5:56 PM

Town could privatize dump operations

15 million bucks in the hole and you got board members already against this cost cutting idea? Why not just keep screwing the taxpayers 18 percent a year in taxes for the next 20 years? Some really brillant people you got on the East Hampton Town board. Funny if it wern't so sad." Oct 20, 08 8:02 PM

Crowd decries impending tax increase

East Hampton Town has a serious problem here and no one seems to be picking up the ball. It's been several months since this mess broke, and no one has seem to have mapped out a long term solution yet. I am tired of this , he did, she did crap. Come on people get off your butts and take this problem seriously. It this was a corporation, you would have been bankrupt long ago." Oct 23, 08 6:58 PM

FCC approves new East End radio station

Please, no more NPR programming. We're saturated with it on the lower end of the FM dial. I do hope, as Ms. Barri states, it will be unlike any other local station. I'll believe it when I hear it." Nov 6, 08 7:02 PM

Hampton Bays hiker conquers Appalachian Trail

Any hiker interested in doing part of the Appalachian should try the 100 mile wilderness section from Monson to Mt Katahdin in Maine. Some trip man. No services so pack all you need for the few days it takes" Nov 8, 08 5:23 PM

Former police sergeant sues East Hampton Town, Village for $10 million

Why would Wood want his job back? It's the administrators of both departments who are busting his chops, not the rank and file. A word of advice pal. Take the million or two, the town and village will try to settle with you and don't look back!" Nov 13, 08 5:02 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor slams town board for increase in property taxes in budget

I have to agree with Rick on this one. It's an intolerable increase. The Village of East Hampton is run by a group of shrewd businessmen. I thought the Sea Spray Inn purchase 30 years ago was a folly. It turned out to be a cash cow. You need a non-political manager like Cantwell in the town." Nov 26, 08 9:14 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

The county wanting to give a helping hand to the Shinnecock's. Man give me a break. They're just out to make sure they get their cut, if and when it happens." Dec 11, 08 4:19 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

Today, Dec 11, Getty in Sag Harbor is charging $2.49 for reg. Stations on the north fork, the same distance from Riverhead are charging $1.75 for reg. So, it's costing me $15.00 extra to fill my truck. All crooks out here. But it's no different in other areas. That $8.00 beer you buy at Shea, cost them exactly 25 cents. That $1.29 coke at McDonald's costs them 1/2 cent. I won't buy gas in Sag Harbor, only at Hess. If I am in Riverhead, I will always fill up. Yes, I too think a boycott is a great idea, if the gov't can't/won't do anything." Dec 11, 08 8:21 PM

Blaze guts longtime firefighter’s home

Despite the owner's wishes, fire officials should have been notified immediately at the first sign of smoke. At least he would still have his house and pets. Hope he has fire insurance." Dec 14, 08 5:06 PM

Hey Wheeler, READ, The article clearly states Ms. Leonard saw smoke in a room and did not notify the fire department at the request of the owner, Sayres. The FD should have been notified immediately despite what the owner wished. I recommend you put your glasses on buddy." Dec 15, 08 5:11 PM

Man with giant hot dog guilty of littering

The Supervisor's SS doing their photo ops. and generally harassing some starving artist who has no money to line pockets. Why am I not surprised? Thats how they operate over in Bonac." Jan 13, 09 7:58 PM

I tend to agree with Bayview's comment. If in fact, White's property looks like a s***hole, it show's a lack of respect on White's part towards his neighbors and passers-by. However what the articles does not state is that two of the six jurors who convicted him are employees of the Town of East Hampton. That alone is cause for White's attorney to appeal the verdict. It will be tossed out, and White will be a very rich artist when he sues Bonac for civil rights violations!
" Jan 14, 09 10:57 PM

The digital (television) age is upon us

First off, there is no $40. coupons left. You can sign up on a waiting list However. As Walt states analog over cable is good for 3 more years. So, what is this device for? Converting over the air digital signals coming into your home for viewing on a analog TV.
What can this device or any digital ready TV do? If you live on eastern Long Island, a high gain roof top UHF yagi antenna with an in line amplifier, (NOT Radio Shack stuff) pointed at Connecticut, will enable you to watch all five networks, CBS,NBC,ABC,FOX,PBS, along with another dozen channels free of charge for the rest of your lives without paying a cent ever again to Cablevision. If you buy a HI-Def TV in the future, it will receive over the air HI-Def without any change to the above setup. Also be aware digital signals will usually be much sharper than analog. If you are on a limited budget, or a cheapskate for that matter, and will happy with about 16 channels, then man, by all means hire a qualified TV technician to install the above system and never pay a monthly fee for TV again!" Jan 16, 09 7:58 PM

Archaelogical findings prevent man from building

If the town wants a one hundred thousand dollar excavation let them pay for it. Just sue them, they will back down. They always do." Jan 21, 09 5:23 PM

Solid start to ice skating season in Quogue

Be careful Mr. Osborne. We had a woman sue East Hampton many years ago after she fell while skating on Town Pond. Her claim? DEFECTIVE ICE. Sad but true!" Jan 29, 09 7:34 PM

Southampton Town drafts wish list for stimulus funds

From this list, it looks like the town could care less about helping local families, and will spend the money on otherwise unaffordable projects that do nothing to stimulate the ecomony. I hope the President keeps an eye on these local governments as he said he will and see exactly what they will do with this money." Feb 21, 09 11:13 AM

Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

I remember back on a winter evening in February 1978, Paul and his staff were doing a show during a severe blizzard. There was about 20 inches of snow, winds blowing about 70 MPH and extremely high tides. Well, about 10 o'clock that night the water in the cove reached the station building and rose about 6 inches above the floor. Paul and his staff had to sign off the air or risk being electrocuted! They were rescued from the station by the Sag Harbor Fire Department in a four wheel drive vehicle. Made for interesting listening!
This past Christmas morning I recorded a couple of hours of his show he's done for over 40 years. I suspected Paul's health was failing and wanted this as a memory of a giant in the radio business! " Apr 2, 09 7:42 PM

Police bust teen party at Gin Lane estate

Hey Chief, When were the New York State laws changed , where the six or seven, 15 year old olds can be arrested on these specific charges? " Apr 8, 09 11:13 PM

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