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Southampton Town Board Expected To Adopt New Noyac Road Traffic Patterns

It is so much more dangerous. It is confusing to pull out from Cromer's to turn east. There are now 2 lanes of traffic on the left, then concrete to avoid, then traffic on the right.
Obviously, the people who spent $500,000 on this are blinded by their defensiveness. But it is NOT opinion that there has been a marked increase in traffic accidents. That is undeniable. And telltale.
DeSpigna and Heine, who u quoted in ur report, are right.
There was nothing wrong with the way it was that a less altering and less extreme caution sign, and/or perhaps a speed bump of two, could not have fixed.
And the concrete is poorly aligned with the road. It is just awful. " Apr 16, 15 4:57 PM

Dr. Gobler Says Luxury Golf Course Resort Would Leave Larger Nitrogen Footprint Than Subdivision

The then-town Board overcame and changed the strict aquifer protection zoning to allow a well-connected developer to construct Golf at the Bridge. Not one of our elected representative fought on behalf on the residents they represented. In fact, Fred Thiele sent the board a letter in support of the zone change. So the 519 pristine undisturbed acreage which the town could have purchased to protect our drinking water (and cheaply, too, due to the then very restrictive zoning) but chose instead to give a rich man a windfall. Golf at the Bridge (originally one PUBLIC and one private course, the public being the "hook") as one of only 9 areas in the state recognized as environmentally critical for the protection of our groundwater warranting special protection. Once it's useful life was served, the application was changed to just a private golf course.
See Environ. Protection Law "Special Groundwater Protection Act"
So good luck to you in Quogue. :(" Jan 12, 17 4:08 PM

Michael Bloomberg Reaches Out To Southampton Town Official, Hoping To Revive Discussion Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute

Bravo, Mr. Gregor����.
Hope you run for Town Supervisor if current one sells us out.
Do not waiver, Mr. Schneiderman. You represent the people and not the 1%, please remember that. " May 4, 17 8:59 PM

Speaker Has Warnings For Wainscott Residents Worried About Water Contamination

While I laud Mr. Bragman for doing something to help these residents, I’m not sure why the taxpayers will be asked to pay - and not the corporations who obviously knowingly caused the contamination. I mean, you can’t just drop contaminants into the ground and not expect it to cause damage.
Does Mr. Bragman plan to have these bad actors reimburse the town’s for whatever amounts are used for remediation.
" May 3, 18 1:48 PM

Planning Board Seeks Recommendation From Chief Building Inspector On Golf Course In East Quogue--Despite Public Comments Supporting It

The proposed community benefits: student scholarships and other nonsense. In exchange for contamination of the groundwater.
You’re kidding, right? " May 31, 18 11:17 PM

Thiele And LaValle Introduce State Legislation That Could Force Sand Land's Closure

Fred Thiele learned about the NYS Special Groundwater Protection Law from me, when I shared with him a lawsuit where I represented Noyack residents in opposing Golf at the Bridge application to remove the aquifer protection zoning so the groundwater-contaminating exclusive-membership golf course could be developed.
At the time, in 1997, Fred was a devout Republican and towed the party line so he was gung-ho in his support to remove the protective zoning to facilitate the golf course and I was hoping to convince him he was on the wrong side.
Fast forward to now. It’s amusing to me that, under these circumstances, Fred has the chutzpah to be a plaintiff in this lawsuit. Hypocrisy much lately?
But even more amusing is that Fred did not read our lawsuit closely enough - because he apparently told you that this site was one 9 special groundwater protection area in Long Island. But he got that wrong. In fact, there are 9 SGPA sites in all of the entire New York State. That’s why it was so imperative that Fred acted on behalf of his constituents instead of carrying the water for a politically-connected developer.
I guess now it’s politically expedient for Fred to be against groundwater contamination. At least that’s good. But it’s too bad he supported the golf course contaminating our drinking water.

" May 16, 19 1:09 PM