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CVS Caremark Files Lawsuit Against Southampton Town Planning Board

The Bridgehampton CAC should sue the Southampton Planning Board for their complete stupidity in ever issuing a permit for this monstrosity. It is not only going to create a traffic nightmare and forever change the character of the village, it is also defaming an historical site which should have been preserved as public land. It is all very well to think that not patronizing this miserable company's store but at that point the place is there whether it is boycotted or not. A disgrace perpetrated on an unsuspecting populous by an unthinking planning board with complete disregard for our village.
" Nov 14, 14 11:00 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

The spineless Congressman cannot have it two ways. He supports this monster of a President who is tearing our country apart. But the Congressman clings to both sides of the fence and refuses to refute the Orange Orangutan's hate-filled agenda of catering to the only voters he has left: the radical right. 2018 cannot come soon enough.
" Aug 18, 17 11:48 AM