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Hampton Bays Library Postpones $9.9 Million Bond Referendum Vote; Reschedules For April 4

They should postpone indefinitely. Another pet project that can get railroaded through with a low voter turn out. Horrible." Mar 14, 17 10:22 AM

Southampton Town To Launch Online Complaint Registry Soon

Gee, what could ever go wrong with this? TEE HEE" Mar 15, 17 2:03 PM

Final Decision Looms On Proposed T.J. Maxx Expansion In Bridgehampton

Judging by the traffic count it IS benefiting the community. More choice for the consumer. In typical CAC fashion this socialist approach to capitalism has run rampant. Consumers determine the need. Obviously there is one. The sad thing is that it is taking two years to make a decision. Build away." Mar 21, 17 3:11 PM

Southampton Town Approves 38-Unit Affordable Housing Complex For Speonk

This obviously will go through. Mr. Podlas is correct. This is a horrible concept at a bad location. There is plenty of affordable housing around if people just go out and look for it. This will kill the school system and be problematic for local traffic. We have zoning laws for a reason, this disregard for original concepts is alarming. If you have enough money and cry bigotry, anything can get passed.
" Mar 23, 17 12:24 PM

Craigcat, what planet do you live on? Yes, you can enforce the occupancy on move in. Good luck when the family starts and there is the possibility of 2 or 3 kids with no viable place for the family to move in. This is a pure scam." Mar 29, 17 3:35 PM

State Poised To Strip Local Authority Over Uber; East Hampton Official Warns Of 'Chaos In Montauk'

Like with any successful business, local government tries to figure out how to make money off of it. UBER is a useful product that works well. People want to have a good time and not worry about driving. The community is constantly reminded about the perils of "buzzed" or drunk driving. UBER and LYFT tapped into the need and have been successful. Then along comes SH and EH towns to try and get a piece of the action. Glad they are being overturned." Mar 31, 17 7:43 AM

Southampton Town Approves 38-Unit Affordable Housing Complex For Speonk

Craigcat, I get your point..BUT, we do have zoning ordinances for a reason, enforce them. The commercial portion, as of right, obviously just puts money into the system. The housing portion may impact the school to a degree. Affordable housing by definition will have a far greater impact on the schools. I hope you are right but it is my feeling you were conned. Start off asking for 50 or so knowing you will never get it. Settle on 38 saying that anything less would not be viable. Call you a bigot and NIMBY. Get what you want. And who cares, its on the West end of the town with not a ton of votes. The area has lost." Mar 31, 17 7:48 AM

Parents Air Concerns About Later School Start Times, And Bus Trips, At Sag Harbor Schools

What a joke this is. No need to ever get up and go to work at 7am. All businesses should open at noon so all the snowflakes can get their rest. How about lay off the social media and go to bed. More excuses for lack of performance in schools. Sad commentary on our educational system. " Apr 5, 17 8:21 AM

Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Application Is Withdrawn By Developers

If it weren't for "developers" none of you all would be out here. Although you may not like the use, don't blame people for trying to make an idea fly. So as more and more business people get fed up with the town, don't cry when you have to go to Riverhead for a quart of milk. Don't cry when the Town continues to come up with ways to collect money through fees and permits. Unless you all are self employed (which I seriously doubt) I bet you work for someone who took a chance or needed a "developer" to set up their shop. The hypocrisy is amazing. " Apr 18, 17 3:39 PM

David H, no. Just a realistic person , who, unlike you, believes in Capitalism and free market. I know you must be a Fascist or Socialist at heart. I never got a job from a poor person, and I don't rely on government to solve all my problems. All I was saying, that many developers created things that people like, I.E housing, shops, and entertainment...don't knock them all. At some point , people need a place to go. " Apr 18, 17 8:40 PM

JM11968, why does it have to be all or nothing....39 is a commercial corridor. There are zoning laws to prevent a shopping center up Scuttle Hole road. You obviously have never filed for a building permit or zone change. The process is costly and arduous. Look at the vacancy's of small business on Main Street. Retail is not as strong as you think. And, why don't you travel west to Muttontown or Manhassett and make your "Points West" case. Get educated. " Apr 19, 17 7:34 AM

Hampton Bays Library Officials Still Pursuing Purchase Of Adjoining Lot

Nice to all these entities (Library, CPF, Fire District, etc..) are flush with cash. This "use it or lose it" mentality with taxpayers dollars is reprehensible. Enough already." Apr 19, 17 4:15 PM

Montauk Homeowners Sue Over East Hampton Town Demands To Inspect Artist's Studio

Amen to that Chief1. The Towns (Southampton could be the worst) make up their own rules. The problem is, most people cannot afford litigation against them. They think they can come and go on homeowners property without just cause. Someday a Class Action suit will be filed." Apr 26, 17 7:33 AM

The Parent-Coach Conundrum In High School Sports Stresses All Sides, Educators Say

Having seen it from all sides, I can tell you a lot has to do with poor communication from the schools and the coaches. You can blame the parents all you want, but the bottom line, is it is Public money paying for it all. I have seen coaches go out of their way to make kids leave the team and promote other kids. They don't get paid enough to make it all about winning. Parents need to let their kids mature at a normal rate (seen 8th graders riding the bus with Seniors, not good) and coaches need to articulate their philosophy and communicate back to the parents and athletes. " Apr 26, 17 1:48 PM

Wainscott Car Wash Proposal Gets A Warning: It Will Be Costly To Continue

Lets hope it stays an eyesore for many years to come." May 1, 17 12:05 PM

Southampton Town Seeks Code Change To Create More Affordable Housing

How about the Town make it less ridiculous and costly to go through the process. The Town thinks its "normal" for a project to take 3 years to get going. In the mean time, taxes still have to be paid, ridiculous fees imposed and lawyer and engineering costs out the wazoo. No, I am not a developer, but know many who are. The costs to build are off the charts." May 3, 17 12:24 PM

Increased Property Assessments A Cause Of Concern For Some, Especially In Flanders And Southampton Village

Along the school tax burden..we have 69 school districts in Suffolk County. That means , 69 Superintendents, administrators,purchasing offices etc... We should only possibly have four (Eastern,Western, Northern, Southern) or you can even make a case or one (Suffolk County)like other parts of the country do. Problem is, talk to the teachers union, they will never allow it. Fleecing of the taxpayer continues...sad. Run off this Island. It is their goal to bankrupt us." May 11, 17 7:28 AM

Tranquility, the problem is, the system is flawed. 90% of school budgets are uncontrollable. 69 School districts in Suffolk alone. It is set up where the tax burden can never decrease. Budgets never go down. It is all relative in a sense that a pizza pie is a pizza pie whether it is sliced 8 times or 16, the same amount is there. If assessments go down, the rates must go up to fund the underlying district. Look at all the underlying districts on your next bill, ambulance, 911, library etc...need to cut back the amount of districts.
" May 12, 17 3:07 PM

Uber Could Be Rolling By Fourth Of July Weekend

Uber and Lyft are needed....people rely on it. So glad the state stepped in to stop the local politicians from messing a good thing. Sorry, a little less DWI money for the coffers..." May 17, 17 12:50 PM

Political Fascism:

Political ideology that imposes strict social and economical measures as a method of empowering the government and stripping citizens of rights. This authoritative system of government is usually headed by an absolute dictator who keeps citizens suppressed via acts of violence and strict laws that govern the people.

Take out the acts of violence and substitute "absolute dictator" with EH Town and there you go...." May 18, 17 7:53 AM

East Hampton Is First To Introduce Septic Replacement Requirements

In addition. The process will be another way for the town to collect fees and check CO requirements. Nothing in Town is ever easy and painless. You have to give blood to get a beach permit, imagine this fiasco.
" May 24, 17 4:20 PM

East Hampton Restaurateurs Object To Timing Of Outdoor Dining Code Amendments

Can EHT be anymore anti-business? Next they will dictate what color cars are allowed in the town. " Jun 6, 17 4:20 PM

Southampton Town Still Intends To Repeal PDD Law As Moratorium Expires

The Town and some residents ( the vocal minority) finally received what they wanted. An anti business, anti night life, anti recreation town. Brutal procedures and made up as you go laws has a place like Hampton Bays looking pretty bad. From the Diner debacle to the CPI and in between offers little. It is interesting that the same people who want to stop all growth and business are the same ones who go to Patchogue or Riverhead to shop and eat. Sad." Jun 7, 17 4:19 PM

Southampton Town Considers Stricter Septic Law

And they wonder why there is no affordable housing. Hold on to your wallets folks, next stop, mandating everyone into new compliance. Surveys, updated CO's, all to create more incoming FEES to the town." Jun 14, 17 7:45 AM

Tuckahoe Affordable Housing Complex's Special Zoning Extended Over Objections

Was it common knowledge that the Sandy Hollow project funding was contingent upon the approval of the Speonk project? So in essence, the Speonk project was going to get approved no matter what? Let the investigation begin. Someone in the town is getting an extra benefit." Jun 14, 17 12:37 PM

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