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Southampton Town Purchases Seven Acres In Eastport

The more the CPF buys, the more everyone's tax bill goes up. A seven slice pizza pie has bigger slices than an eight slice pizza pie." Jan 29, 16 1:34 PM

East Hampton Property Owners Cited For Moving Sand Before Storm

So what? Let them protect their business. Up and down the east coast, bulldozers were being used to build up dunes and protect business. But the sand in New York is more valuable(not). At least its not on the taxpayers dime. We would have a much better dune line if the Government would just stay away and let people save their property. Give guidelines maybe, but let them do it easily." Feb 2, 16 11:00 AM

When It Comes To Sewers, Municipalities Look To Patchogue Village For Inspiration

If there is an opportunity for a sewer, a municipality would be foolish not to explore it. The restrictive Board of Health requirements make it difficult for ANY new business to change a use. Proper zoning and smart planning can tone down or increase the kind of establishments that go into the sewer district. The alternative is more vacancy and less of a choice. However, I do believe that is what some people want. The school district is so small that losing commercial establishments shouldn't change the tax bill too much." Feb 3, 16 11:33 AM

Southampton Town Faces Opposition From Uber, Cab Companies Regarding Proposed Taxi Rules

Municipalities are looking for more sources of income because the amount of drunk driving arrests have been down since UBER came into existence. You do not need to carry money, and the system works. If local taxi companies evolved to the 21st century and changed their business model would they still be complaining? Time to adapt to the reality." Mar 16, 16 3:23 PM

Locals Share Hampton Bays Diner Stories

Isn't the bigger picture the $65k property tax bill. Coupled with property and liability insurance, lights and other fixed costs and rent to the Landlord make it difficult for any establishment to go in there. Property taxes are forcing many businesses out." Mar 17, 16 2:50 PM

Former Bank Building Languishes In Westhampton Beach

Stick a fork in Westhampton. It's done. 3 month economy. Short sighted planning.
Nothing to offer." Mar 23, 16 7:38 AM

Deli Owner Challenges Westhampton Beach Village's Decision To Run Beach Concession Stand

Will they follow the same ridiculous rules and regulations they put on other privately owned establishments? Doubtful. This will cost the taxpayers money. They really have no expertise at all. What a joke." Apr 14, 16 11:17 AM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

The Lucero foundation are the racists. The Patchogue location was chosen by the Suffolk Republican Party and Mr. Trump had nothing to do with it. They also fail to mention that the convicted murderers didn't even live in Patchogue. They lived in Medford. Patchogue Village has always welcomed the Latino community. By their logic, why is it ok for Hillary and Obama to go to fundraisers in San Francisco where Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant that was deported 5 times. Their political agenda is clear. Go Away." Apr 15, 16 11:46 AM

Southampton Builder Wins Case Against Village Architectural Review Board

Congratulations. Once again, the municipality loses. Hopefully, all the boards, Village and Town, take note. You cannot keep making things up as you go." May 31, 16 3:09 PM

Southampton High School Seniors May Have Been Ticketed Wrongly

Is it about safety or getting money from their parents?" Jun 3, 16 7:37 AM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Expect To Finalize Design Of Permeable Reactive Barrier By This Fall

Who made Kevin McAllister so important? Sad that he is quoted and involved in this process. He is not elected. What, the project can only move forward if he says it is ok? The whole area has become a blight to the community. Either do it or don't, but something needs to get going." Jun 9, 16 7:41 AM

'Think Local' Campaign Encourages Residents And Visitors To Shop Locally

How about the Town not make it so ridiculously expensive to go into business within the Town. How about speeding up the planning process. How about changing the ridiculous business use tables. Then maybe local business will prosper and be more competitive. The Town doesn't welcome local entrepreneurs, they start with NO. Then you wonder why only chain stores can come in. They have deeper pockets. " Jun 9, 16 12:04 PM

Musicians Decry Music Decibel Level Restrictions In Montauk

Why anyone would want to open a business in the Hamptons is beyond me. More fail than are successful. You have government in Southampton and East Hampton Towns that do not want you. You have customers that complain about having to travel to restaurants and grocery stores but when one opens by them, they try to shut it down. Then the politicians are shocked that entrepreneurship is down and there are more winter and summer vacancy's. Were any of these officials young? or just nerds?" Jun 15, 16 1:39 PM

State Suspends Liquor License For Charlie Brown's In Hampton Bays In Wake Of Double Stabbing

Why does every bar/restaurant incident in Hampton Bays turn into a referendum on the Boardy Barn? For the 26 (if that) days a year the BB is open, deal with it. Youth today can't have house party's, cant have beach party's, less bars and place to socialize. I guess most of the posters here sat home and did nothing when they were young. Then they say how they used to hang out a the beach and have "good fun" . Couldn't do that in today's world.Not allowed. Obviously crime is bad, but not ALL bar patrons are criminals. " Jun 22, 16 8:16 AM

Davidf....Here is a thought. We teach kids not to drink and drive. Be responsible. That is why they are using mass transit. The MTA should be thankful. and "40-50" inebriated young adults as you put it are only a handful compared to all the others who are fine. The laughing stock comment is idiotic. How about bad planning, ridiculous zoning laws, and lack of decision making. Like it or not, the CPI and Tide Runners is a disgrace. Sitting vacant for so long. The town has paralyzed the community. And of course, you think there are pay offs. How about rights of the people?" Jun 22, 16 3:07 PM

Most kids know about public intoxication....give them some credit....there is always the 1%. The Beach Hut and Canal Cafe are great...maybe catch the early bird specials and make your Mahjong tournament by 7:30. Southampton Town has ruined it...bad planning." Jun 24, 16 11:24 AM

Southampton Town Officials Want To Include Boat Channels In 5-MPH Speed Restriction Law

The Trustees also want ways to raise money and harass boaters in the name of safety..."No Wake" maybe , 10 mph-possible, 5 mph unrealistic and an excuse to pull over boaters.
" Jun 24, 16 11:26 AM

Southampton Town To Hold Off For Now On Increasing County Road 39 Speed Limit

A park and ride along the way would help...just after the canal" Jun 28, 16 12:38 PM

Hampton Synagogue Officials Say Eruv Is Now Complete And Functioning

Sorta defeats the purpose of the Sabbath...just sayin'" Jun 29, 16 11:48 AM

$1 Billion Army Corps Coastal Resiliency Plan Does Not Include Major Beach Rebuilding In Montauk

What they don't tell you is that the government is trying to take shore front properties through eminent domain so the municipalities can get the funding. The ultimate goal is not to have any residences on the barrier beaches. The Army Corps can do more harm than good. Kudos to Mr. Zeldin for his efforts but like anything else, can be fraught with peril." Jun 30, 16 7:25 AM

Police: Six Sold Alcohol To Minors In Sting Targeting Southampton Town Businesses

Once again, someone has to mention the Boardy Barn in a bad light. And to think that there are "payoffs" as you put it G is ridiculous. Go to Dewey Beach, where there are 4 Boardy Barn type places, and see how its done. Also, 21 is absurd. You wonder why there is such a drug epidemic hitting our youth when it is easier to score heroin than buy a six pack of Bud. " Jul 11, 16 8:06 AM

Infoseeker, too much money involved. Just like with the social host laws, enforcement goes where the money is. Think of all the agencies and departments created to deal with under age drinking and the drug epidemic. Someone still has to make the case to me why an 18 year old is responsible enough to Vote, go to war, marry, file separate tax returns, have autonomy over their lives with Hippa laws and alike, but they can't be responsible enough to walk into a bar. If someone is going to drink and drive they do whether they are 19 or 56." Jul 11, 16 9:08 AM

Southampton School Administrator Receives Raise Despite Being Effectively Replaced

This kind of stuff happens in districts all across Long Island. And we wonder why our property taxes are so high. The inmates are running the asylum." Jul 27, 16 11:38 AM

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