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Residents Explore Options After Losing Summer Retreats On Dune Road

Westhampton is dead. No oceanfront restaurants. 4 or 5 in the Village. No place for anyone under 85 to go. No one spending money. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." Jun 22, 15 2:56 PM

Hampton Bays Village Exploration Pushes Ahead With Incorporation Plans

Waste of time and money. The Civics are already guiding policy in Southampton Government (Save the CPI for one). All this does is add to taxes and create more issues for the people. If the debacle in Westhampton is any indication of the future of Hampton Bays, time to sell now." Jul 9, 15 7:46 AM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Acquiring Pyrrhus Concer Property For Up To $4.3 Million

The CPF should be ended. They are running out of things to do with the money. Stop taxing the people. Buying night clubs and hotels etc.. was not the intent. " Jul 10, 15 8:40 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of Pyrrhus Concer Property

Criminal. The CPF needs to end." Jul 15, 15 10:47 AM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

The sad truth here is that the parcel has a $60k tax bill. 5,000 a month rent to the Town. That is criminal. Lets keep taking parcels off the tax rolls via the CPF amongst other things that continually raise property taxes. High taxes, no services...Southampton's motto." Jul 21, 15 12:15 PM

With Medical Offices Departing Soon, Future Of North Mall Remains Uncertain

Westhampton is Dead. The zoning laws are ridiculous. Who cares if a candy shop or clothing store wants to go in there? Retail, industrial, manufacturing, wholesale. That should be about it with some Special Exceptions. That will sit vacant like the old Restaurant on the corner, the gas station. I am sure the tax bill will keep coming though." Jul 21, 15 2:58 PM

Southampton Town To Sell Former Westhampton Community House Property For New Facility

Glad the Supervisor listed all the strong selling points. Knock it down first (so they don't have to get permits) then sell the land only. Probably get more money." Jul 22, 15 4:22 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 32 Years

Joe Hampton, please say that you are joking. I am sure Sagaponack is in a crisis with all the Riff Raff that is there will low property taxes. High taxes do not raise property values, property values in districts with poorly run school districts and no commercialization raise property taxes. In a perfect world, a county school board with one governing body instead of a bunch of school districts paying a bunch of superintendents would be a start." Jul 28, 15 8:04 AM

Bill To Extend CPF Tax And Tap It For Water Quality Efforts Could Be Approved By End Of The Year

Just goes to show that no tax will ever go away. They just find some other excuse to keep taxing. Horrible." Jul 29, 15 10:58 AM

Updated Septic Systems Are Key To Stopping Shinnecock Bay Pollution, Experts Say

Everyone stop breathing! This is nothing more than a concerted effort to force homeowners to run to government for another approval. It will then be tied to upgrading your CO and incur a larger cost. How about banning all fertilizers and pets. Get out while you can.
" Aug 27, 15 3:44 PM

Environmentalists Demand Repeal Of PDD Law In Southampton Town

Moratorium-Greek for "I don't know what I am doing, so lets ban it for a year" PDD's were created to circumvent zoning...get past it. Also, these so called "environmentalists" should go away. When they start walking to their press conferences and all become Vegan then maybe they can Pontificate their point. Maybe if the process was a little easier, LOCAL entrepreneurs could afford smart growth. Instead, only large developments could occur. BTW, the canal looks great with abandoned buildings over the last couple of years. Nice.
" Oct 9, 15 9:34 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Make A Splash With New Aluminum Boats

"He noted that the Freedom 21 was purchased without using taxpayer money" Unless they are reaching into their own pockets...they ALWAYS use taxpayer money. Instead of giving it back...they just find somewhere else to spend it. Typical mindset.
" Oct 13, 15 7:31 AM

The funny (or sad) part is that they are proud of their incompetence." Oct 13, 15 8:55 AM

I am so glad that they are protected from "Chemical, Biological,Radiological and Nuclear War" This is such a sad joke with taxpayer money. Not to mention who pays when the boat has to go back to Alabama. Why not support local boat dealers and bid through them? At least Steiger is in Bellport. You just can't fix stupid." Oct 15, 15 8:07 AM

Ok 007 here it goes. The US Coast Guard has multiple stations on Long Island as well as Nassau and Suffolk PD Marine Bureaus. If there is a "threat" they are the ones who should have the boat not a Rinky Dink Towns Trustees. Not to mention the cost of training etc.. I am guessing they had to use a government contractor to get the grant. Any money the Town spends is TAXPAYER money. There are no other sources. Any boat can be refurbished as you mention. Not just these.
" Oct 15, 15 12:58 PM

Sag Harbor Village Resident Files Suit Against Village

I hope he wins. The villages and Southampton Town have no idea about property rights or costs. What Mr. Raynor must have spent to get to this point will probably make you cringe. Some person that never had to put two nickles together gets on a board and thinks they know whats best. Take em down Mike. Just remember, when you walk into Village Hall the IQ drops substantially.
" Oct 29, 15 8:52 AM

Community Forum Scheduled For Proposed Speonk Workforce Housing Project

Too much density for an area that has little commercial establishments to support. The Town is trying to push these projects as far west as possible to avoid confrontation. Wrong project at wrong location." Dec 2, 15 8:19 AM

lrider....read the article. Not houses. Apartments. On 4.4 acres you can put up 8 houses and make them affordable. You don't need 50 apartments. I am all for ownership not rentals. A lot more community responsibility goes along with it." Dec 2, 15 12:29 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Residents Speak Out Against Workforce Housing Proposal At Community Forum

North Phillips Avenue cannot handle that type of density. The traffic when the train crossing is down gets pretty gnarly and dangerous. Both projects are bad for the area. As of right development is still the best choice." Dec 3, 15 1:14 PM

And, I wish they would stop using "work force housing" it implies ownership and actual homes. They need to fess up an use "work force apartments". Discounted rentals. Thats all it is. What responsibilities do renters have to a community with no ownership? The district is small. Can't absorb any of this. They claim a certain criteria and level of management. Who's watching?" Dec 4, 15 7:35 AM

Governor Cuomo Authorizes CPF Extension, Including For Water Quality

Criminal. Once a tax, always a tax." Dec 15, 15 8:30 AM

Developers Targeting Land Above Speonk Plume Say They All Intend To Install Vapor Barriers

Too much development for the area. The roads cannot handle it. Keep all the development as of right. The impact on the schools would be tremendous. Go Away. The taxes are already rocketing." Dec 16, 15 7:48 AM

Developer Submits Draft Environmental Impact Statement For 'The Hills' To Southampton Town

Do I have this right? The town board is paying AKRF 40k so they can understand a document that they required? Wouldn't it be easier to train someone already on the payroll? Think about that as we pay our property tax bills." Dec 29, 15 8:20 AM

Sag Harbor Settles With Village Homeowners Who Had Their Expansion Plans Tied Up

Once again..."Moratorium" Greek for "I do not know what I am doing"" Jan 15, 16 4:28 PM

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