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First-Quarter CPF Revenues Are Up On East End

Great, now get rid of the CPF. They are running out of property to buy so they create wasteful expenditures ( Neptunes for example). Give the money back to the residents. But as always, once Government finds a source of income, they will never let it go." Apr 29, 14 8:23 AM

Bridgehampton Group Asks For Moratorium, Prepares For Legal Battle With CVS

"Save Bridgehampton Main Street" so no more businesses can come into the town and more people, especially young, leave. CAC's should not be involved in planning. " Apr 30, 14 2:13 PM

"moratorium" Greek for "We have no clue what we are doing so we better stop everything"" Apr 30, 14 2:35 PM

I would like the CVS. If was Whites or Barth's would the CAC still be complaining?" May 2, 14 10:29 AM

While you are on the subject, why would anyone care what Lauer does? All jealousy. Same with Lutnick. " May 2, 14 1:02 PM

One must look at the new building in Westhampton that True Value has moved in to just to realize the village doesn't know what it is doing. Built backwards. Looks vacant. Horrible." May 5, 14 7:30 AM

Southampton Town Board Unanimously Approves Sandy Hollow Apartments Plan

Funny, When 10 people from a CAC show up and the rest of the residents really want something, it gets denied. When there is a large opposition that clearly have concerns over the project, it gets approved. Only in Southampton. A backwards Town." Jun 20, 14 3:53 PM

Residents March Against CVS In Bridgehampton

Are they mad at the use or the fact that it is CVS. Why are they holding signs saying "No Chain". If Whites wanted to open there, would they still be upset?
" Jul 3, 14 2:12 PM

No new money should go into the CPF if they are going use it to buy properties just to stop development. Example: Neptunes, which was a huge waste of tax payers money. If the Town didn't have such a ridiculous, expensive process, maybe more Mom and Pops will open. Not everyone can Lawyer up and take on CAC's. " Jul 3, 14 4:30 PM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

This Town is a joke. I am sure at $37.33 an hour (imagine what the person there actually gets) these highly trained security personnel will keep Town Board safe. I think they should put up bullet proof glass in front of the Board. Makes more sense. Tee Hee
" Jul 23, 14 12:38 PM

Proposed Southampton Town Plastic Bag Ban Comes Up Empty

Totally ridiculous. You always have the option of plastic, or bring your own recyclable bag. It shouldn't be mandated." Jul 23, 14 12:40 PM

Judge Rules That Lawsuit Against Town Over Bridgehampton Barn Decision Can Move Forward

The Town never wins these cases. They make up zoning laws and violate property rights against those who do not have deep enough pockets to take them on. When the Town comes across someone with the resources (money) to fight them, they generally lose. Its only a matter of time before their Rental Permit law goes down in flames. " Aug 27, 14 1:12 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Revised Canoe Place Inn Proposal On Thursday

I think they should keep postponing the project. This way the blight and ugliness of the area will continue.
(just kidding of course) Get something done. What is there now is a complete eyesore.
" Oct 15, 14 12:40 PM

CVS Caremark Files Lawsuit Against Southampton Town Planning Board

The Town will lose as they always do. Even money that the people opposing the project will be the first ones using the pharmacy.
" Nov 10, 14 10:23 AM

Not all in BH oppose the CVS. CVS can afford to take on the fight because it has a successful business model offering services and merchandise people want. That is why they are in business..you know, a business model that America once embraced. If not you won't succeed and will not stay in business." Nov 11, 14 12:36 PM

Southampton Town Will Tap CPF To Buy Hampton Bays Motel

They should do away with the CPF and save taxpayers (yes I know, but it is still a tax). They waste money and bail people out with it. How about enforce the laws and make it easier to enhance ones property instead of going through the ridiculous process with the town planning department. Whats next? buy the CPI, Tide Runners?" Nov 14, 14 3:31 PM

Two More Potential Stumbling Blocks For CVS Application In Westhampton Beach

Another onerous attempt to stop a CVS. amazing." Nov 14, 14 3:36 PM

Cantwell Doesn't Want Another HomeGoods Debacle In East Hampton

The proximity to the road is the real tragedy. Town Planners (Southampton too) have been on this "kick" that they do not want the parking lots in front of the buildings. If this building was set way back of the property with the parking lot in front of it, no one would care. Look at what they did (Westhampton Village) with the True Value there. It is horrible. They really do not now what they are doing. Nothing wrong with the building size, just where it is on the property." Dec 2, 14 3:33 PM

Most of the time it is not the architect or developer but the Town demanding the location of the building. The Town Planners are so scared to admit that the developers would do a better job than they are capable of doing." Dec 3, 14 1:19 PM

Proponents Continue Push For Plastic Bag Ban In Southampton Town

Waste of time. Does the Town still sell the plastic bags?
" Dec 3, 14 1:20 PM

Westhampton Beach Ice Cream Cone Sign Saga Ends With $250 Fine

Why no one with a right mind would ever want to open a business in WHB. Maybe the 20k could be used to fix up the corner of Old Riverhead Road and Montauk Hwy.
" Dec 17, 14 10:28 AM

Annual CPF Revenues Expected To Eclipse $100 Million In 2014

Time to reduce the tax or do away with it all together." Jan 5, 15 6:56 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Spends $4K On Main Street Study

I hope its not the same brain trust that came up with the True Value and old Caseys design on Montauk Hwy. Lets make a commercial corridor not look commercial by building backwards. Horrible
" Jan 13, 15 3:38 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

Great move West of Canal, Bad to East. Why have studies and plans just to ignore them with a PDD? This should have been two separate projects. Bad project East of canal. Wrong project at wrong location. Keep taking things away, people have no reason to come. The Town uses "Studies" and "Master Plans" as an excuse until they want something. Even the Planning Board didn't like the project East but they did it anyway. Horrible" Jan 14, 15 7:53 AM

Southampton Town Struggling To Close $100,000 Assistance Project

Glad they supported the local economy by hiring a firm from West Islip. I hope at least they were licensed in the Town.. Can't fix stupid." Jan 29, 15 1:18 PM

Community Preservation Fund Broke Major Records In 2014

The CPF is more of government fleecing the people. Proper planning, open space during development and zoning laws could all achieve what the CPF does. Now they are using it to by nightclubs in the name of preservation. Every time the CPF purchases a property it in turn takes it off the tax rolls raising taxes across the board. When does it end?" Feb 3, 15 8:13 AM

Nature, you obviously are not part of any real estate transactions. Also, stop comparing to Brookhaven. A lot less people and there are many non commercial corridors. Whenever a taxing authority has this much surplus, nothing good can come of it. And, again, by taking off the tax rolls, others must pay more. Thats the way it works. " Feb 4, 15 9:05 AM

East End Asks For $100 Million To Help Homeowners Upgrade Septics

Why not use the CPF to fund the rebates? Why burden the State taxpayer with something the East End wants to do." Feb 19, 15 12:56 PM

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