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Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

"The intent of this is not to hurt good people like you,” the supervisor said to one of the homeowners. “We have property owners who abuse this. If you are not violating rental permit law and are a good landlord in that way, that’s part of why we never had to knock on your door.”

What does this mean? You still have to comply. If you don't, you are turning law abiding people into criminals automatically. Does this mean selective enforcement? The law affects everyone...someone please explain what she means." May 29, 13 3:21 PM

In Southampton Town, Complying With Rental Law Carries A Heavy Burden

Couldn't agree more Chief1. You forgot to mention the money made by the Town from the process. Simple solution. Enforce smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors. Enforce number of beds. Other than that, go away. This town turns good people into alleged law violators. Amazing." Jun 14, 13 10:34 AM

Ah, the old let's protect our ASSets. So in essense, what you are saying is that it is o.k. for someone who does not rent their home to be injured because of living in a place that has a CO before newer laws were adopted. The town can set the criteria for the permit. Just like "pre-existing" non conforming zoning. It can be wiggled around. Total selective enforcement of laws. Sorry." Jun 14, 13 10:55 AM

Scenerio: Retired couple wants to go to Florida for the winter. They have been living in their home for the last 20 years. They decide to rent it from November to May to help cover the taxes. If they go for the permit, they may have to invest more than the rent would cover. If they don't, they are treated like criminals. You could sell the home and the new owners would not be required to bring it to current standards if it has a valid CO. Enforce occupancy laws, you wouldn't need the rental permit." Jun 17, 13 2:46 PM

Don't rent it. God forbid a person does something without Big Brother's approval. You are not forced to rent someones house. Move on to the next one. So what you are saying is that a Tenant has no responsibilty to check out a place for rent? Excuses,excuses....." Jun 17, 13 3:28 PM

Southampton Town Employees Get Four-Day Weekend After All

Wow Nature....I agree with you. Everyone gets a trophy. I EXPECT my government to work a little O.T after a crises. Helps justify the benefits, cars, and other perks that the taxpayer is footing." Jun 27, 13 3:31 PM

Nature, you underestimate the prizes. Everyone will get benefits for their grandchildren, new cars, 6 months off (now, some get 3 months if you can believe that) shorter hours, and no accountability. YIPPIEEEEE. The property owners get higher taxes, less services and more freedoms taken away....what a bargain!" Jun 27, 13 6:17 PM

If we have this type of money to throw away, why don't they reduce the costs of permits, beach fees, garbage fees or property taxes? So, some employees did a little extra that wasn't compensated (still find that hard to believe, salaried employees know thats part of the deal and hourly employees punch the clock) who hasn't did a little extra at their job? The Town employees get many benefits...more vacation time is just a waste of taxpayer dollars. Glad I paid my taxes June 1 so they can give it away." Jun 28, 13 9:35 AM

Rechlers Will Seek Adjournment Of Hearing On Canoe Place Inn Project At Tuesday's Town Board Meeting

It's funny. Previous articles in the Press have the candidates calling Hampton Bays a "dumping ground" but when someone wants to do a major development and get rid of eyesores they are put through the ringer and forced to spend a fortune to do it. How a project can be going on for this long and has to be sent "back to the drawing board" is amazing. SH Town has no plan when it comes to Hampton BAys and no concept of costs." Oct 22, 13 3:01 PM

Oceanfront Boardwalk Part Of Town Plans For Neptune Property In Hampton Bays

This is the biggest waste of money. Could you imagine if the Rechlers wanted to do what the Town is suggesting? As much as anyone hates to admit it...many businesses will be affected by the lack of young people coming into the hamlet because they have no place to go. (I swear, some posters on this site were young once). So another club bites the dust. Knock it down and move on. Save the taxpayer some money. The herds of people going to the Coast Guard Museum may have to go to a movie instead." Dec 11, 13 7:39 AM

Its easy to spend and waste money when it is not yours. Its easy to build things when you do not have to abide by the rules that you set up. 'Tis the season for our tax bills to be received. How about show some fiscal responsibility and stop wasting taxpayer dollars on these pet projects." Dec 12, 13 7:47 AM

Southampton Town Board Seeks Landmark Status For Neptune Property

Could you imagine if a private company wanted to do what the Board is suggesting? Just Sayin' Do as I say, not as I do." Jan 17, 14 12:43 PM

Southampton Town Board Ousts Pair Of Veteran ZBA Members

This is a joke right? Political balance on the ZBA? Really? Town hall should just close for a month or two. No one would notice. Sorry, you are a Republican, no shed building for you! Democrat, can't build a second story. Amazing" Jan 29, 14 2:49 PM

Political Affiliations Among Southampton Town's Regulatory Boards Questioned Again

Didn't the Supervisor change the make up of the ZBA for "Political Balance?"

Joke." Jan 30, 14 8:38 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Treasurer's Salary Has Doubled Since Taking Office

This is what happens when the inmates run the asylum. Look at most taxpayer funded payrolls. Good pay, GREAT benefits, guaranteed raises, guaranteed paid vacations...all at the taxpayers expense. And most of all, no humility...
" Jan 31, 14 10:49 AM

Town's Top Planner Calls For Reduction In Scope Of Hampton Bays Townhouse Development

I think they should take longer to decide what to do. The graffiti is real attractive. Its hard to believe some of this discussion is till going on after all this time. Bottom line is that the Town really doesn't want to make a final decision." Jan 31, 14 12:58 PM

Southampton Town Board Debates, Adopts Politcal Guidelines For Board Appointments

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' Ronald Reagan" Feb 26, 14 4:30 PM

Investment Banker Sues Southampton Town Planning Board, Farmers Over Barn Denial

So the guy wants to build a 11,200 foot barn on 40 acres. Typical Town of Southampton trying to prove a point. Who really cares if there is a barn there? Proportionately, It is like me erecting a dog house on my property. They will lose. Property owners still have rights. Has the Town ever won a lawsuit?" Mar 4, 14 2:21 PM

DEC To Revise Mute Swan Eradication Plan

The DEC thinks and acts like they are God. It's ok to kill these animals but we must protect others at all costs! The department answers to no one. Just look at the Jersey shore or Delaware beaches and see how they protect and build their dunes. We cannot do it here because our DEC knows better. Its a shame." Mar 5, 14 7:40 AM

Investment Banker Sues Southampton Town Planning Board, Farmers Over Barn Denial

hey dnice, so let him build it and bang him for back taxes and more taxes moving forward. Nothing needs to be etched in stone. All man made issues. Things can change. The Town does it all the time." Mar 5, 14 7:42 AM

Yes BigFresh but....because of the way the ZBA and Planning Board are run, and the costs of the process , the barrier to entry eliminates small entrepreneurs from going into business. The only ones that can afford the Town of Southampton's policies are the big box stores and national chains. So in your quest not to create an "up the island hell hole" you are exactly feeding that possibility. Have you ever submitted an application to the planning department? No regard for cost, no regard for time." Mar 10, 14 11:33 AM

And why has there always have to be a "public benefit." He owns the land. He can make a case for a barn that is miniscule in comparison to his total acreage. And, he has a right to do it. Next, the re-distribution of wealth argument will come in. People without are jealous of the people with. Read some of these posts.
" Mar 11, 14 3:48 PM

It is simple....Man made issues can have man made solutions. The Town has overcomplicated its zoning, rules and regulations on land use, and PDD's that it is forced to take things case by case thus opening themselves up to the discrimination that Mr. Lutnick is talking about. the K.I.S.S theory generally works best.
" Mar 12, 14 1:20 PM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton CAC To Hire Attorney To Fight CVS Pharmacy Plan

John J. It is not up to you or the CAC to determine "what we need". A Company such as CVS (or any other) would not invest in an area without performing a feasibility study. Unfortunately, the costs associated with going through the Town's planning process prohibit local establishments from expansion or moving. I think it is funny how the same people that oppose a Panera or Subway I see eating there after its built. Let the market dictate what a community needs. " Mar 21, 14 2:50 PM

To all that oppose this. Show up to the public hearing. The CAC is NOT a elected agency and should not be relied upon to make decisions. It has a purpose, but to be involved in planning is not one of them. We have elected officials for that. Again, no one other than big box stores can afford the process. Get used to it." Mar 24, 14 9:18 AM

It is amazing we have cars on the east end. There was probably a CAC that wanted the "rural seaside" character with just horse and buggies. A CAC lawyering up shows how crazy the process is. Don't complain when prices go up, and your grand kids cannot afford or find a home. The same people who say we don't want another Riverhead are the same ones that shop there. Hypocrites." Mar 25, 14 12:06 PM

Who is nobody? I see, lets have a town wide vote on every project. All I am saying is that the process prohibits local entrepreneurs from going into business. And a 40 or 50 or even a 500 member CAC is carrying too much weight in town hall without being elected. Why even bother with a Town Planner or boards. CVS wouldn't dip its hat in the arena unless there is a need: a need that many would probably like to fill but they don't have deep enough pockets to do so before they go into business. BTW no agenda. I just crack up at the hypocrisy." Mar 25, 14 1:00 PM

Former Neptune Club Gets Landmark Status

They never gave Neptunes an ounce of respect when it was open. The decision by the Town Board could be the most ridiculous abuse of the "Landmark Status" to date. They should be concerned with more businesses going out of business plus scores of vacant stores. Not to mention the what the old CPI looks like and the boarded up buildings on both the Northeast and Southeast side of the canal. Keep raising taxes, keep justifying your jobs and soon enough you will be the only ones left. " Apr 10, 14 3:33 PM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

Thank you to all the CAC's the continue to stop growth and business from coming into the town.(i.e. CVS in Bridgehampton). Thank you to Town Board for continuing to drag their feet on projects that would create jobs(i.e. CPI). This "leave it the way it is" attitude offers nothing for young people to stay. The middle class in this town is continuing erode. You can build all the affordable homes you want, if there are no jobs to support the economy, you are telling people to leave." Apr 28, 14 12:30 PM

Maybe not in mind Johnj, but opportunities are there. Ever hear of working up the corporate ladder?" Apr 28, 14 12:55 PM

First-Quarter CPF Revenues Are Up On East End

Great, now get rid of the CPF. They are running out of property to buy so they create wasteful expenditures ( Neptunes for example). Give the money back to the residents. But as always, once Government finds a source of income, they will never let it go." Apr 29, 14 8:23 AM

Bridgehampton Group Asks For Moratorium, Prepares For Legal Battle With CVS

"Save Bridgehampton Main Street" so no more businesses can come into the town and more people, especially young, leave. CAC's should not be involved in planning. " Apr 30, 14 2:13 PM

"moratorium" Greek for "We have no clue what we are doing so we better stop everything"" Apr 30, 14 2:35 PM

I would like the CVS. If was Whites or Barth's would the CAC still be complaining?" May 2, 14 10:29 AM

While you are on the subject, why would anyone care what Lauer does? All jealousy. Same with Lutnick. " May 2, 14 1:02 PM

One must look at the new building in Westhampton that True Value has moved in to just to realize the village doesn't know what it is doing. Built backwards. Looks vacant. Horrible." May 5, 14 7:30 AM

Southampton Town Board Unanimously Approves Sandy Hollow Apartments Plan

Funny, When 10 people from a CAC show up and the rest of the residents really want something, it gets denied. When there is a large opposition that clearly have concerns over the project, it gets approved. Only in Southampton. A backwards Town." Jun 20, 14 3:53 PM

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