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'Cruise Ship Virus,' Norovirus, Lands On East End

Due to the fact of open borders and no accountability of individuals the
opportunity of virus illnesses is probable. I believe that we have been
exposed to many virus infections and it is time to require individuals
entering our country be processed via a checkpoint before
they move into communities." Feb 14, 13 2:00 PM

Suskind Eyes Return To Town Board

Is Dennis Suskind stating that he will run Democratic or Republican --
Question: Who and What does this individual stand for??? I am
disappointed regarding how our politics are decided. We need people who
are interested in keeping the East End rural. " Feb 27, 13 3:27 PM

SYS Pitches Indoor Ice Rink Proposal To Town Board

This is great!!! Now we know that WE DO NOT NEED another camp
at Little Fresh Pond since SYS has many opportunities for our children
and citizens.

" Feb 28, 13 1:57 PM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

Today I am very sad to see these comments from individuals from our Town.
IMO, the Police Dept. deserves better from the people. Some of the men
you have "bad mouthed" do not deserve your comments -- I question your motives! I am very tired of people
defaming our men and women out on the front lines! And, by the way,
remember all orders come from the Commander in Chief of the SH Town
Board! " Mar 8, 13 12:41 PM

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