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South Fork Gas Prices Remain Flat, Thiele Says

This has been a problem for many years! Many have contacted our representatives to investigate this problem! We started in 1994 and
now we see some light, hopefully, this will be resolved.

" Jul 24, 12 7:24 AM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

We can no longer sustain high density within the East End of Long Island! If we
truly are environmentally concerned STOP the sub-divisions and STOP the
expansion. Another route must be developed for emergency situations, ie,
temporary ferry service to move the traffic. Wish all those involved in the
accident speedy recovery. The Police Dept. is doing their best under very difficult
situations!" Jul 25, 12 8:48 AM

Around Town Hall: Collins To Head Planning Department, Attorney Hired For Disciplinary Hearing

With all these "planning guru's" hired to represent our comumunity and reshape
it!!! No thank you!!! We do not want to look like Riverhead, no offense intended!!
STOP the redesign of our East End and leave our rural communities to the
citizens/taxpayers!! ENOUGH!!!" Jul 28, 12 8:35 AM

Affordable Housing Lottery Opens In Southampton Town

What are the full requirements to apply for this housing, namely, must the
applicant be a citizen of the USA/minimum requirement renting in Suffolk County
have references?
There are many individuals that require housing and when we the taxpayer are helping out there must be accountability requirements.
Purchasing a home is essential as a commitment to maintaining a property.

" Aug 1, 12 2:21 AM

Manhunt For Hit-And-Run Driver Expands; Cops Say He Got Assistance Fleeing

Where is the Catholic Church regarding this situation???? I am still outraged
that no further information is forthcoming regarding this issue. A life lost and
no accountability! Question: WHO WAS ACTUALLY DRIVING THE CAR at
the time of the accident??? Hopefully, the SH Press will have news soon!" Aug 1, 12 2:43 AM

Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

This is what happens with the Rule of Law is thrown out and those that are
breaking the laws of USA will continue to receive taxpayer funded programs
including College and our children will continue to pay for their education
with no aid from Pres. OF USA!!! Question: What is the classification
American Citizen mean? Follow the laws and help those that break the
law! I don't know about you and yours thoughts are -- I am outraged and disappointed with our leadership!!! We need to know the requirements that must be met with this new program??
Entering illegally is not a pre-requisite or is it???" Aug 2, 12 12:23 PM

UPDATE: Bicyclist Taken To Stony Brook University Hospital; Cause Of Accident Unknown

Please let's keep the facts straight: Let's allow the Police Dept. to investigate the
accident and hope all involved are safe. " Aug 6, 12 7:58 AM

PBR: I agree! Silence may be golden or questionable??? We are expecting
our leaders to come forward! " Aug 6, 12 8:04 AM

Lawsuit Filed Against Westhampton Beach Regarding Eruv

It is impossible to understand how individuals can move into a town or village
and make their religious convictions law??? I believe, the utility poles are
owned by LIPA. The streets and roads are governed by our leaders -- why
are we talking religion and closing down roads to accommodate a religious
faction? In case anyone notices this is the United States of America! By all
means practice your religion, but don't shut down our streets and roads! Thank
you.!! " Aug 8, 12 3:50 PM

Lunch with Diana Weir

We cannot afford more density! This summer proves it! We have many
homes available for purchase that should be considered! When you say
affordable housing all I can think about is more schools and more of assistance
needed for families! Let's be real! If you have the money to purchase a home
on the East End -- go for it! Do not place the burden on the residents to
support your wish to live here if you don't have the means!!!" Aug 17, 12 12:32 PM

Jay Jacobs Applies For Change Of Use Variance, Seeks Town ZBA Approval For Pool And Playground

Have followed this story from the beginning and have listened to all sides of
this issue. I gave testimony that this property has been abandoned for many
years and now the new owner would like to turn this into a business within
a residential community! We do have SYS which, I believe, offers many
similar opprotunities. I have hope that the Board will NOT expand this
property and keep the residentail impact minimal for neighbors!
" Aug 19, 12 11:00 AM

Helicopter Route Change On The Table Again

There have been many solutions to this problem in the past!!! However, we
are still at ground zero!!!! As the population increases more will come!!! This
past weekend was very noisy -- helicopters, private planes flew overhead
every 14 minutes!!!! Where are our leaders with this dangerous situation!???" Aug 22, 12 3:37 AM

New Hampton Bays Organization Pushes For Change

Wake UP East End!!! They are, in my opinion, taking away our community
with overcrowding in our schools and! homeless shelters!! Is the
East End for Sale??? Our quality of life and security has been taken away!!!
When will our leadership step up to the plate and secure the East End??!!!
" Aug 24, 12 11:43 AM

UPDATE: Charges After Partiers Are Rescued From Sandbar

Thank you to all those involved in keeping our residents and visitors SAFE!
I hope individuals understand that many of our EMT, Police, Fire Depts. carry
a heavy burden during the summer months safeguarding our community! " Aug 26, 12 11:38 AM

Environmental Study Is Needed Before Jacobs Application Considered By ZBA, Proposed Pool Upsets Residents

The issue with this property is the location, in my opinion. There are various
opins, however, I see it as a problem with the residential area where it is
located. I believe the Zoning and Plannning Depts. must address the
environmental issues and the traffic issues and the waste issues!! It begs
the question "How can you have a business -- a camp -- in the middle of
a residentail community"? The new owner of the property does not appear
to be interested in the effects on neighboring residents! " Sep 8, 12 11:09 AM

Suspect Still Eluding Police Two Months After Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident

How can we put the" Nun's Story" to rest without the facts? It is a tragedy to
have lost such a wonderful and giving individual and still there are NO answers!
May Sister Jackie Rest in Peace. We shall NEVER forget her!!!" Sep 13, 12 12:57 AM

One Arrested After Man Mugged Outside Blue Collar Bar

When are our leaders going to STOP this criminal behavior in our Town????
Congrats on this arrest, however, we have to investigate job sites, home rentals
and the schools to find out what we have in our community -- and STOP all
the entitlements until we can secure our Town. It's time to enforce the Rule
of Law! I can't believe that they allow individuals to break our laws!" Sep 13, 12 11:45 AM

Brother Of Suspected Water Mill Hit-And-Run Driver Arrested

Question: With this recent report concerning Sister Jackie -- is it time to send
Code Enforcement to Mr. Andrew Zaro's residence?? Is he housing illegal workers??

" Sep 19, 12 12:54 PM

Cornell Cooperative Extension Of Suffolk Receives $20,000 To Tackle Bullying On The East End

The curriculum in schools today is that of "secular humanism" meaning moral
relativism. NYS Ed Dept. has literally & actually taken the 10 commandments
& modified them in such a way to seduce borderline faithfuls to not become alarmed by the changes and for the atheists to accept them as innocuous rules
to live by. Students have attended daily anti-bullying sessions since school started. The children are being taught that ANY NAME WHICH OFFENDS THEM
is a type of bullying, "intended" to offend therefore subject to the scrutiny of
administration for correction and punishment (sensitivity training). Therefore, I
have a problem with this training. Where are the parents regarding this issue?
First Amendment Rights and freedom of speech? Bullying in unacceptable &
must be dealt on a one on one basis not retraining our students what to think
and not say. " Sep 29, 12 12:11 PM

Controversial Movie Spurs Protest At Southampton High School

Question: Have any of the individuals reviewed the film in its entirety before
making a statement?? " Oct 1, 12 1:47 PM

Officials Met To Discuss Helicopter Noise Again Last Week

Have attended these meetings --they gather the troops together -- hold meetings that support their concerns (the citizens) regarding noise control and route revision --
and ultimately -- the problem is unresolved! Hope that my opinion is not
followed since these residents require a resolution. It is dangerous to accept
the status quo!! " Oct 3, 12 9:47 AM

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