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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

Neither kid came back. You were saying?" Feb 2, 09 1:32 PM

Support Fred,
I dont know which player your refering to. But as i just stated.Not only did he start ALL year. Hewas named All-League.They name problem players wlo quit half way through the year to the All-Leagur squad? Sure you follow the games .It shows." Feb 2, 09 1:54 PM

Fred supporter
sorry about the grammer expolsion I will try better this time. I read in the East Hampton Star that the player that is a senior started some times last year. You say he quit half way through the season. How could this player have been named to the county ALL League team at seasons end if he quit half way through the season, or only started some time for that matter. Are you aware to recieve ALL League honors you must be nominated by your coach and voted upon all coaches in you league.
Any way it sure is nice to see the kids smiling again while they are working thier hardest Any one catch the Shelter Island game Saturday?" Feb 2, 09 5:25 PM

Yes i did and yes i was smiling. Why wouldn't i. What a game. Only down by 3 going into the 4th. A little more experience and near perfect foul shooting down the stretch helped clinch it fior Mercy. A far cry from the debacle in Riverhead. Wouldn't you agree?
When i played basketball we always had several plays we were all familiar with in case we were down a basket with no timeouts. Where was your buddies? {hope you don't mind roman}." Feb 2, 09 6:19 PM

Mommy and Daddy didn't defame minor aged students in a public forum. Fred did. Try to stick to the facts please. Do you have a guess as to how many perfectly wonderful people have spoken out of place in a completely inapropiate manner and lost there position for it. " Feb 5, 09 4:41 PM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

The liberal media has long ago stopped any attempt whatsoever at reporting the news. If i steal a car and keep it for say 3 years with no problems. One day i get caught in this car that i have maintained and cleaned and cared for as if it were my own. Should i be allowed to keep it and get in no trouble because of my positive history with this car? Too extreme an example? Feel free to change it to say unpaid parking tickets.Or hooking up the cable for the tv on the pole(old school). Unpaid tickets? All we have to do is tell the judge were very nice and we work hard and we love this country.So instead he can issue us a free parking pass for life. NOT!!!!!!!!!" Feb 5, 09 9:02 PM

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

We can talk about my keyboard abilities if you like. Although i was under the assumption that we were talking about a gym teacher/ex basketball coach.
I would love to be informed as to why after only 1 season with E.H. football he was asked not to return for a second? Was it for his obvious inability to control his emotions and mouth? " Feb 6, 09 12:56 PM

Did you just compare Fred with what may be the most successful coach in state history? We have had Fred's overall record posted quite frequently. Could someone please break down his wins against teams with winning records? How about against other C schools? Yes i know it. I am wondering if you do? Let me know if you need help. He has 1 playoff win in 3 years.
Piersons record is 0 for the season against C schools this year. This is nit a bash. Just the facts." Feb 6, 09 1:55 PM

You got me. What can i say . I was taught at P.H.S. Bitter? I coulldn't be happier. The school administration finally got it right. How we doing finding the record against other C schools for the last 3 years? " Feb 6, 09 5:11 PM

Sag Harbor teachers plan to march through village

When i was a student at Sag Harbor Elementary in the 70's the teachers picketed before and after school to help their cause. Once school started it was business as usual. It is extremely unprofessional and irresponsible to intimidate and manipulate children with these shirts of protest. Though i completely agree that the senior message was over the top. The line " Those ugly gray shirts you wear everyday DISTRACT US FROM LEARNING put them away." has me and my entire family both concerned and upset. Yet they still wear them anyway.Defiantly i might add. What positive or proactive affect does this have? Isn't that what it's all about when our children are involved?
Is the community aware that several teachers are now allegedly refusing to write letters of recommendation for students? Even students who had NOTHING to do with the homecoming message. Is it true that the union leading guidance guru removed a letter already written and filed and returned it to the teacher?
Am i wrong or will the teachers receive retroactive pay and benefits once their contract is settled?
If were still ironing out the new contract perhaps we could get that ridiculous crap about teachers getting first dibs on coaching jobs removed once and for all? Alright i know i'm getting greedy.
" Oct 19, 09 11:50 AM

Sag Harbor School Board, teachers to resume negotiations

Instead of being thankful you have a job that gives automatic pay increases. You put your thankless greedy hands out for more while many hang on by a string.
Jim Kinnear thinks it doesn't count if others get it also.
Not only do you use the manipulation of children for your personal gain. You seem to get enjoyment from it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Wear them till they fall apart. They speak volumes of your character.
Don't they get retro pay back to the end of their last contract?
" Oct 20, 09 6:56 PM

What's BS is that a group of adults are manipulating impressionable young minds with their BS.
I have waited years for a BOE that doesn't cave in to the Teachers Union.That ex union head damn near buried us while in charge of the BOE.
Their automatic yearly raise is more than sufficient in these times in which we are living.
I can already hear them blame the BOE for poor management of finances when they have to remove positions we can no longer compensate due to the larceny we are about to endure.
Using children for their own personal gain..
Typical unaccountable double standard teacher crap." Oct 21, 09 3:26 PM

Dr. Gratto doesn't get automatic pay increases like teachers. He gets evaluated annually
. NO TENURE!!!!!!!!
I wish each teacher was evaluated annually by the BOE. Boy would things be different.
Iv'e seen several superintendents in my days. Never before has one come in with ways to save money. I believe nearly 1,000,000 dollars.
Now if we could only remove first dibs on coaching to the teachers." Oct 22, 09 9:00 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?

Is it sport hunting if you eat what you shoot? In this economy the cost of a shot gun shell is a fraction the cost of a bird at the store. I know people right here on the east end that have a very tough time having to buy food. Nature offers it up free. If they didn't hunt they would have a long hungary winter.Not every one can just write a check.
' There is a place for all God's creatures. Right next to the potatoes and gravy!!!!!!
" Nov 25, 09 10:32 PM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

Didn't anyone ever teach you that it's better to be silent and let people think your ..... than to speak (or type) and remove any doubt.
Your comments towards a man who can no longer hug his wife and children are pathetic. Perhaps you could ponder x-mas morning at his home in a couple of weeks. " Dec 5, 09 1:29 PM

Two meetings of the Southampton Town Board had no quorum

The next couple of weeks will speak volumes of what we might expect from our new Supervisor. She has been effective holding others accountable. Time will tell how she handles her own accountability. Hopefully she learned something from Ms. Kabot. ( In my opinion here constant finger pointing cost her her bid for re-election).
I don't think her personal matter made a difference. It just widened the margin of victory." Dec 6, 09 8:06 AM

Bishop asks Paterson for disaster area designation

If he didn't want to spend so much of our money on illegals there would be plenty to fix the beach all the way to Maine.
Typical Politics." Dec 6, 09 8:12 AM

It is a multibillion dollar legitamate problem which is draining or resources. I am no hater. Legalize them all. Then it would be as hard for them to get help as us citizens.And the tax base would get help. No political party here. Their both pathetic. Just stating the obvious. I don't concider a multibillion dollar problem a ridiculous assertation. It scares me that many do." Dec 6, 09 9:06 PM

Washinton couldn't print enough money to battle mother nature.
I find it sad that so many bloggers wanted to hang Ms. Kabot for breaking the law yet people who enter our country illegally should be protected. Double standard garbage. Typical among both parties.
Don't want a neighbor? Buy both lots. Don't want to watch your house float away? Don't build on the water.
The river deltas and flood plain areas are major aggricultural areas which supply the world with food. What does dune road offer other than a view?

" Dec 6, 09 9:47 PM

Please don't tell your friends in Washington what comes after a trillion." Dec 7, 09 5:21 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

A normal side affect of verbal diahrea. We understand." Dec 7, 09 5:41 PM

Your parents are the ones who should be embarrassed. " Dec 7, 09 5:47 PM

Bishop asks Paterson for disaster area designation

Isn't it scary to imagine that that's a drop in the bucket compared to the spending going on now.

" Dec 8, 09 5:49 PM

If that's true. Why not just remove the jetties? Why continually waste tax dollars fighting a losing battle? Where is the jettie that caused the beach to be swept away at main beach or mecox? There is no doubt they speed up the erosion. But they neither cause nor cure what Mother Nature brings our way from time to time. Glaciers melt. Beaches move. Deal with it.
" Dec 8, 09 6:08 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

You mean if i say the victim started it you'll stop? No problem. The victim started it. Now what? Oddone still broke the law.Still got in a cab and fled. Is still responsible for the death of a man trying to do his job. So sad. You should concider counseling. You obviously have a challenged thought process.Good Luck" Dec 8, 09 7:00 PM

Sag Harbor overspends school budget; surpllus dwindles

The inadequacy of the past administration is evident. I don't think we will have to worry about Dr. Gratto having prior relationships with contractors like our last Superintendant if we do pass a referendum for work to the district.
Take a second and ponder that we actually had a BOE president who spent his life as a union delegate. Talk about bias. I am quite proud of our present BOE. How things have changed. Hopefully rubberstamping tenure will also be addressed. " Dec 11, 09 6:50 PM

Governor seeks disaster declaration for South Shore at Bishop's request

Could someone explain what exactly "adequate protection" is?
Maybe a detailed example how the beaches will be saved?
Opening the channels is long over do. All the money our fearful leader can print will do nothing against mother nature at any ocean.Why should millions have to pay for the poor builing decisions made by few. Did they have to build there? If not we should not have to pay for it." Dec 13, 09 10:08 AM

To anyone interested in letting me know that it's about the beaches not the people who built there. Please fill me in on the answer to my second question. Or the first one for that matter. We all know what opinions are like . How about some known facts instead of known opinions." Dec 13, 09 10:12 AM

Bishop asks Paterson for disaster area designation

Please explain how." Dec 13, 09 10:16 AM

Hey peoplefirst, cat got your tongue? " Dec 13, 09 10:20 AM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

The only thing i see degenerating is hard working Americans quality of life. 10 trillion and counting. Moron or not. Bush is a drop in the bucket to what we are in for. Before you get your Pelosi in an uproar. I'm independant. I think both parties stink. Enjoy your unaccountability do as i say not as i do party. Did you know your man has the LOWEST approval rating in history. 10 months ago he was God. What happened? All the people he lied too to get votes are not happy.
You can fool some of the people some of the time.........................................." Dec 16, 09 4:51 PM

I guess i was misinformed when i read that the Clinton administration originally " softened the standards to borrow " from government mortgage lenders thus starting the snow ball effect. The bamks who borrowed money have it nearly paid back. That was quick. That was Bush right? Well my friend the housing industry is still screwed with no end in sight. And that was not Bush. It was a couple years previous. The last time Government tried unaccountable hand outs.Stupid Bush followed Bill's stupid lead.
Not to get off subject. But am i the only one who noticed that the same media that said Jennifer Flowers was no big deal . Then there was Monica. Again so what said the mainstream media. So why the big deal with Tiger. If the president can screw around why can't a golfer. Typical left double moral standards. I thought Bush was bad. Careful what you ask for.

" Dec 17, 09 8:15 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

Masterson could care less about our leaves. He's done. Iv'e been watching town trucks doing maintenance. There lovin this snow .Now they can say they can't get to them because of the snow. Typical with unionized undersupervised laborers. With extremely weak leadership that cares as much as the new guy. So sad.
However for whatever reason.( probably because their on their butt ). The plowing has been very well taken care of the last few seasons. Drive around for i can only imagine what overtime pay. Can't blame them i guess. " Dec 19, 09 6:29 PM

Recorded history is the challenge. The Earth is millions of years old. How many years has weather been accurately recorded globaly and consistantly?
Though i have certainly noticed that government funded scientists have cried about the "sky falling" for years and years. Not so much from private science.
I don't care much for either party. Hopefully that will help you stay on the statement if and when responding.

Pick any country, town, province or whatever the name of the place you chose and you will see racism and hatred. It's so easy to point across the room. I tried Tibet but it's occupied by China.
Lets not forget Obama's racist remark about Christians in "middle America" clinging to their " Guns and Religion".

Anyone know Mr. Gore's carbon footprint in Tenn.? Talk about a hypocrite.
" Dec 21, 09 5:13 PM

I don't know where you live but this happens every year. They pray for snow. Bill was always useless. Don't expect any different with the next one . That position seems to lure the lazy losers. I don't know Alex and i hope i'm wrong" Dec 21, 09 5:22 PM

Who did you dig out?" Dec 21, 09 5:24 PM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

Well said Jack. So i guess if you expect people to work for their own money. Your a hate monger. fcmcmann. Your quite bitter in general. You should try more thought and less anger. Remember that are two sides and that everyone has a right to there opinion without being "yelled at".
Where is the hate in GET A JOB???????????" Dec 24, 09 12:14 PM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

If Tim wants to help with quality of life issues he can stop the coffee shops like the one in the shopping cove in Sag Harbor from venting that horrible nausiating smell that dominates main street. Now there is a relentless problem. Helicopters come and go. That stink is constant.
" Dec 25, 09 3:22 PM

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