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Solid start to ice skating season in Quogue

Just want to clarify: Hampton Bays is EAST of Quogue, not west.....It's all in the details." Jan 27, 09 2:10 PM

11 rescued pups find new hope at town shelter

Mr. Wheeler, since you chose to correct an error in a rather insulting (&personal) tone rather than simply making a polite correction.....you can't seem to spell. I assume the word you meant is "math", not "match"....
Mr. Bossetta even responded in a courteous manner, which is what this comment section is about." Feb 4, 09 12:29 PM

OUCH! Frank...We were also able to figure out that there were approximately 11 pups rescued (which wasn't the essence of the story of course). An error is an error, after all so why get so "snippy" yourself? And, yes, we were all able to see through your comments and figure out what was intended. My point is simple---be nice--or be quiet.......is that substantive enough?" Feb 5, 09 12:04 PM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

I know this will bring out the liberal fury, but here goes........my father survived the Great Depression, was a pilot in WW2, worked until 6 wks before he died (paid taxes on it, too!) at 85 and lived by the motto: AMERICA-LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. Adios, amigos!" Feb 9, 09 11:10 AM

Westhampton Beach school officials discuss budget

Would the reporter please clarify the numbers for the BOCES budget...$2,232,627 to $2,230,506 is a decrease, not an increase. I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but still needs to be corrected." Feb 26, 09 10:55 AM

World War II vets receive medals

How sad that so many heroes in this "greatest generation" didn't survive long enough to be given the recognition they deserved. My eulogy to my father began with the words "No one loved the United States of America more than 2nd Lieutenant .....". He and so many others served in America's forces in order to protect our way of life; what a total mess we've made of things in such a short time!
I honor these gentlemen; I'm sure they are aware of the fact that they represent the many fellow soldiers who desreved medals of honor but, like my dad, are no longer with us." Mar 7, 09 10:13 AM

Board frowns on pitch to sell barge

OMG...please read the article on the gentlemen who received medals of honor for service in WW11.....and my response.
Then read the end of this article again.
It's time to rattle some cages around this town; a completely clean slate might be our only hope for restoration of class and responsibility.
These people respresent our elected officials? Not a good sign......" Mar 7, 09 10:23 AM

Former Suffolk legislator and four others arraigned in mortgage fraud scheme

was my message removed for a reason?? all I said was that George is a real creep...referred to marriage as "the state between divorces".....gives you an idea of the type person he is. I feel sorry for his children." Mar 26, 09 12:52 PM

very interesting, Mr. Shaw...my original wasn't any worse than others posted from people venting about George; take IBCLC's comment, for example. In any event, I'll just leave it that I agree wholeheartedly (and so much more appropriately) with Mike Hartley. P.S. You really need a professional proofreader for your paper; the mistakes are endless." Mar 26, 09 6:15 PM

We have this opportunity to post our comments thanks to the Constitution....most of us are grateful for this. Just as these men will have their day in court, we are entitled to our opinions regarding their character (or the lack thereof) and astounding greed.
It works both ways in this country.
Unfortunately, while our opinions are free, their day in court will cost taxpayers a small fortune." Mar 29, 09 10:35 AM

What the..? Frank, you should try putting your seething anger aside on this site. You are nasty and your attacks on other readers - not just me- are unwarranted and infantile.
My comment regarding the cost of prosecuting these men in no way insinuates that it shouldn't happen; quite the opposite.
" Mar 30, 09 11:52 AM

Madonna suffers minor injuries when thrown from horse in Bridgehampton

I agree 100%....who cares? Many more important things to read about. She's trash as far as I'm concerned and I'd rather read about the local horse rescue events, shows and related articles. " Apr 20, 09 8:04 PM

Same-sex marriage bill passes State Assembly

ugh! what a vile , ignorant comment. I reported it for you. " May 14, 09 12:19 PM

I reported the repulsive comment by The Royal "We", above, twice as being inappropriate. Yet it remains.....this comment section used to be interesting, with feedback that was relevant to the article. However, it has become a place for frustrated and angry people to spew idiotic insults at other readers. This is it for me- sign me off." May 15, 09 10:27 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

First, I find it most interesting that the bile-spewing ranting by "foxnfowl", above hasn't been deleted by Joe Shaw as inappropriate. Not only are his bizarre accusations 100% irrelevant to the story, but he is nothing but a hate- monger; scary to think he lives among us. Oh, and those of you who wonder why some of us want to comment anonymously, this freak and his delusional diatribe is the answer! He's a blank himself, but not relating to politics.
Let's see if Joe Shaw deletes my comment..." Sep 24, 09 1:40 PM

I agree wholeheartedly with SHNative...haven't we had enough of Linda Kabot and her endless 'blame game'???
I mean, seriously, a plot by the police? I am the mom of a teen driver and I am personally grateful to the police for their diligence in their effort to get drunks off the road. Even my teen knows that the only time you wouldn't "blow" is when you are so wasted you'd never be able to fight it. Now blowing smoke is another story for her....
" Sep 24, 09 1:59 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

ummmm foxnfowl, 1p.m. is after the noon hour....watch out---your ignorance is showing!! Ms. Throne-Holst isn't the one who broke the law here.
Facts are facts; Linda Kabot would have simply taken the test the police asked of her and gone home...IF she had nothing to hide, and that's a big IF. She was drunk and knew what the ramifications were. It's pretty pathetic when you have to try 3 lawyers before one will agree to proclaim your innocence. You pay them for that.
The WHB police are trying to prevent another life being taken due to a drunk like our supervisor...give credit where credit is due." Sep 29, 09 11:04 PM

East Hampton couple returns woman's missing wallet ... and $2,400

I'm with you, LM!!! I'd like the contact info for these people...would someone provide it?? What an enjoyable story (for a change)." Oct 3, 09 11:28 AM

Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

NOAH WAY.........Chris Farley????" Oct 23, 09 12:10 PM

Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

Talk about moronic comments!! Allen Smith was not a "pretty good" Supervisor, nor is he a pretty good judge. He always rubs people the wrong way; he's an arrogant egomaniac (in a small town)- talk about political appointments!
Linda Kabot put others at risk when she got behind the wheel after leaving Magic's pub...or was it The Artful Dodger??? End of story.
Funny, isn't it, that Anna Throne-Holst took the high road by refusing to make Linda Kabot's DWI an issue in the campaign, yet Linda herself keeps bringing it up???
" Oct 28, 09 2:40 PM

Southampton Town employees protest board over planned layoffs

North of Highway...ATh not only has a plan, it's real and functional. This is old news...get a copy, read it, and tell your friends it's time for the change we all deserve!" Oct 28, 09 2:46 PM

Southampton Town candidates debate town finances, services

Noah Way, I couldn't have said it better myself. You were kinder towards LK than I would be, as she is a mean-spirited candidate and a phony." Oct 28, 09 2:49 PM

Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

Anna Throne-Holst could have jumped on this DWI offense big time. I repeat- she chose the high road and did not make the drunk driving charge an issue once during the campaign. When asked, she always says that it's a private matter for LK, and a non-issue in the campaign. Anna's based her platform on facts that affect us as taxpayers and residents who care about our town.
I personally want Linda out because she made such a stupid decision to drive drunk and I don't want her to get away with it and be on the road with my teen daughter! Wake up everyone! Linda is using this-- with the tremendous help from the Southampton Press--to throw voters off from the disgraceful job she's done in her tenure as Supervisor. Don't fall for it!
Change is healthy!" Oct 28, 09 3:17 PM

She was indeed at Magic's ...she skillfully denied being there when interviewed because the bar area at Magic's is called The Artful Dodger, soooo technically.....
The Press has assisted Linda Kabot's idiotic claim about the "anonymous" letter by publishing it and by pursuing this nonsense at a time when we should all be concentrating on the real issues; the mismanagement of OUR money, the cutting of programs dedicated to supporting our youth, etc.
Who cares about a fictitious letter, who called whom, why Linda fely angry and threatened by police who are only trying to protect citizens (my teen daughter) from drunk drivers???
I care about what's next on the agenda for Southampton Town, our youth, and my tax bill!!
Get real, Linda... " Oct 28, 09 3:33 PM

ummm, the people at Magic's are her longtime friends. Those guys wouldn't talk, obviously, because they'd be in a pretty bad position sending a drunk out on the streets. It serves both LK and the pub best to remain silent.
Had she only taken that breathalyzer...what a total waste of time and money.
Now she's got some guy chauferring her around on Town $$$ at all hours." Oct 28, 09 3:40 PM

North of Highway...ATH has a plan in place. why don't you get the facts before making such comments? Get a copy, read it, the make a decision. ATH's plan is real, and unlike LK's, it calls for cuts in areas that won't affect our Youth Bureauand other extremely important services.
Lk has a big fat staff, yet not one position is cut in her plan. How can she defend such thinking? How can you accept it?
Read the realistic plan of action ATH has comprised." Oct 28, 09 3:49 PM

Anna's Plan is 13 points ahead of zero, which is Linda's...actually, Linda's lack of any plan until election time has put us all in the minus colmn financially. Anna means what she says and says what she means. Why hasn't LK offered to cut any of her four staffers in order to fund the Youth Bureau, for example? Politics as usual for LK." Oct 29, 09 9:25 AM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

It's" MAGIC"....as well as an "artful dodger".... Lk's history." Oct 29, 09 11:23 PM

Those of us who believe that DRIVING DRUNK then lying about it shouldn't be rewarded need to keep reminding voters of Linda Kabot's true nature and poor character...." Oct 30, 09 10:02 AM

Not a Democrat...never was never will be. I disliked Bill Clinton and for some of the same reasons I dislike Kabot so. They are both liars who would do anything to cover their butts.
I am trying to raise a teenager in this environment; I have said many times before on this site- even a 16 yr old knows that the only reason you don't "blow" is because you are so "smashed" it would put you behind bars with no way out (even with a third lawyer this isn't looking good').
What garbage. Be gracious enough to apologize to your constituents and rget out.
p.s. This is certainly not my only issue with her judgement; it permeates her enitre campaign." Oct 30, 09 10:11 AM

Southampton Town candidates debate town finances, services

Right...they trespassed onto my friend's property and stood in the open and PAINTED over a large sign. Why not volunteer some of that painting skill at the Youth Bureau where it can be appreciated by the kids?" Oct 30, 09 10:17 AM

Southampton Town supervisor candidates verbally spar over youth programs, affordable housing in Flanders

Typical SHP....your reporter omitted the fact that Linda Kabot WILL look the kids in the eye and say "times are tough", cut their programs "surgically" and sit on her big fat personal staff of FOUR.
Anna Throne-Holst made a comittment then and there to reduce her staff at least by half in order to restore the Youth Bureau funding.
Not a minor oversight, just typical biased reporting." Oct 30, 09 5:00 PM

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