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Perry DeLalio Sr. Of Southampton Dies February 11

Without a doubt, one of the greatest guys I have ever known." Feb 13, 16 4:04 PM

Southampton School Board May Vote To Change Name Of Columbus Day

What a wonderful diversion to distract our attention from the reality that many of these students will be ill-prepared to meet the demands of today's world when they graduate." Mar 9, 16 9:33 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Fights For More Than Parking Ticket

Village residents do not use the beaches for "free" as the article states, we pay taxes to support the beaches. Just another freebie seeker, no more." May 11, 16 7:57 AM

Second Tuckahoe School Budget Proposal Fails To Muster Enough Voter Support

Two points I would like to make here:

First, I moved to Tuckahoe 30 years ago. I had not idea this would develop into 50K per student. I wish you would have clued me in, since you seem to be the one with the crystal ball. You would have saved me some grief.

Second: Your view about Southampton voters approving a merger is a moot point. In the end, the District is doomed, and those students are going to be educated somehow/somewhere. There is nothing like a fiscal crisis to force the cowardly politicians to act. I raise the possibility that SH voters, in defeating the merger, may have made a better deal for themselves rather than one imposed by NYS. I think, rather than thinking the problem will solve itself, we should solve the problem locally before the State solves it for us." Jun 22, 16 9:32 PM

"Only the kids suffer when a budget is voted down". What about seniors on fixed incomes when the bloated budget is passed? Do they matter to you?
Its time that people like yourself stop using the children as a weapon to justify the situation. 50k per student is nuts, and cannot be justified. Nobody wants to hurt the kids, but the District is not economical. And there are no indications that it ever will be. I repeat what I posted previously; If we, the residents, don't solve this problem together, NYS will do it for us. " Jun 23, 16 8:11 AM

Thank you Jay Tuckahoe! A reasonable approach." Jun 23, 16 8:22 AM

Forgive me, but trying to control runaway expenses is not my "hobby". " Jun 23, 16 9:06 AM

In my view, the 2% cap law makes perfect sense, and is working well. The proof is the fact that it has caused this issue to be brought into the forefront.
Perhaps you are right, Tuckahoe is a gem. But gems can be very pricey, and are out of reach for some of us." Jun 23, 16 9:31 AM

Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Application Is Withdrawn By Developers

Finally, someone who sees the picture." Apr 21, 17 5:59 AM

UPDATE: Southampton School Officials Change Prom Policy Following Requests From Community

The next step is the district will create a new position to handle these individual requests and interviews. " Jun 6, 17 4:34 PM

Jobs Lane Closed In Southampton Village To Remove Tree

I am happy for you that your wallet is fine. I am wondering if you ever open it to patronize the merchants on Job's Lane that you seem to show so little concern for. I'll bet not." Jun 16, 17 6:48 AM

Jeff Ares Comes From Behind To Win The 27th Annual Firecracker 8K

Zeke, you sound like a real community-minded individual. " Jul 3, 17 8:41 AM

Jobs Lane Shop Owners Aim To Remove Courtyard, Add Second Floor

That is correct. I was walking back there recently, and you can break your neck back there. The property has always garnered poor foot traffic, and a previous owner told me he wanted to tear it down and that was more than 30 years ago.

As for those who "love the courtyard", I wonder how many of you ever shop on Job's Lane. This is not a museum like Colonial Williamsburg, we need business in the Village to survive." Jul 26, 17 6:32 PM

I hate to break it to you, but that is private property of which the owner pays property taxes. It is not "public space".

" Jul 26, 17 6:43 PM

I am wondering if you own any property yourself, and if you do, how you would feel about being told it's not all yours anymore." Jul 26, 17 7:00 PM

Holidays Return To Southampton School District Calendar

While we hear much about bullying of students, here we seem to have a case of the students bullying the School Board. " Jul 27, 17 8:05 AM

East Hampton Village May Silence Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Well, I am part of the "local population", and the leaf blowers are driving me crazy running 6 days a week. I don't think it is asking too much for peace and quiet. At the very least, quieter, newer equipment should be mandated. " Nov 4, 17 12:53 PM

Yes, during the fall months when there are actually leaves on the ground." Nov 4, 17 1:09 PM

Actually since I am a customer, I would be buying the equipment, though indirectly. That's how it works, you know." Nov 4, 17 1:22 PM

The "Green Movement" is little more than a slogan, in my view. Here in the Village, houses are being torn down at breakneck speed, and being replaced with 5000+ sqft houses that run AC 24/7 while they sit empty most of the time. The issue with the leaf blowers is noise pollution.

The detractors here want me to believe that it is impossible to build a satisfactory electric leaf blower, while electric cars populate our roads." Nov 5, 17 11:47 AM

I guess your moniker "TrueHamptons" make you the arbitor of who should stay here, and who should go." Nov 6, 17 5:32 AM

If we had embraced this reasoning in the past, we would still be riding around on horses so that the horseshoers can stay in business.
There will always be those who reject new technology. We all know how they wind up." Nov 6, 17 7:59 AM

I live across the street from a landscaper who runs a first-class business, both in terms of the quality of the work he does, and the equipment he owns. I noticed that he was using an electric blower the other day. He went out and purchased one on his own, without legislation, because he is forward thinking. " Nov 6, 17 9:06 AM

They run on batteries. Just like the electric cars do. Amazing, isn't it?" Nov 8, 17 12:26 PM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes No On GOP Tax Bill In House Thursday

All that King and Zeldin are doing is saving their own butts, and enabling the Democrats at the same time. It is the voters who chose to make NY a blue state, and they want the voters in other states to subsidize blue state policies. If King and Zeldin cared about their constitutes, they would seek to lower taxes in NY, not hide behind their fellow Republicans to escape blame. What a couple of cowards! " Nov 13, 17 3:59 PM

The issue before us is the deducibility of State and local taxes." Nov 13, 17 4:26 PM

I was not referring to Federal balance of payments, I was simply stating that if State taxes were not deductable, it would put more pressure on Albany. King and Zeldin are simply enabling State lawmakers. It's fine if the voters in NY wish their state to be blue, but it has proven, and will continue to be proven an expensive option. Live with it. The Federal balance of payments is a separate issue, and should be viewed as such." Nov 13, 17 6:41 PM

Thank you, you said what I was trying to say with fewer words." Nov 14, 17 10:13 AM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

Non-political, huh? The use of i trlgedy to push yous own agenda appears political to me." Apr 7, 18 7:32 AM

Non-political, huh? Th use of a tragedy to puah your own agenda appears political to me." Apr 7, 18 7:32 AM

Vacant Coast Guard Homes Expected To Be Auctioned Off This Summer; Neighbors Concerned About Future Of Neighborhood

Everybody cries about the lack of availability of affordable rental housing, but God forbid they should live next door to a rental house. NIMBY?" May 29, 18 3:30 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Residents Concerned About Ice Cream Truck Approval

The article cites one couple who are complaining. Does this represent a consensus that merits an article like this? We have ice cream vendors here in Southampton Village, and no one notices. " Jun 9, 18 6:21 AM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

It appears this Mayor may have went to the same school as Mayor Romanosky. He sat on his hands while the Parrish Art Museum was driven out by a handful of people. Ditto for the Chamber of Commerce. The SH Association cares little about downtown. What ever happened to the sewer project?? The reality is that there are people that are happy with the status quo in the Village, of course they do not rely on it for their income." Jan 17, 19 3:13 PM

The key words in your post are “Year-round”. The structural problem here in the Village is that locals have been priced out, and the year-round resident to support such an idea is scarce these days. The mall you cite is in the center of Burlington, a vibrant city, with an equally vibrant university.
Little is mentioned about the closing of the College, or the Courts being moved to Hampton Bays. Both were a tremendous blow to the Village as they provided year-round business to the Village. The College was also a source of labor for local businesses. There are many reasons why we find ourselves where we are. What about the fact that East Hampton usually shows first run movies before Southampton?" Jan 22, 19 8:54 AM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

As I understand it, they are asking for access though two adjacent residential communities, I wish them good luck with that. Christine Scalera was wise to recognize the difficulty here, and by suggesting that the developer seek the input of the residents, practically assured that this project will go away quietly." Feb 11, 19 8:10 AM

Southampton Village Elections Heat Up As Candidate Challenges Incumbent Mayor

Since when has running a retail business become an unsavory endeavor? Also, it sounds like you are against young people moving here and getting involved in the community. Do us all a favor, take your toes out of the water, and stuff them in your mouth." May 30, 19 7:20 AM

Yes, they are doing business in Roslyn, as opposed to being a ghost town. Furthermore, running a business here gives you quite a understanding of the area. Yes, you are all for “keeping the young local people here”, you just don’t want any newcomers, I get it. Yes, you should vote along Southampton Association party lines, as your exclusionary views are right in line.

I have never met Mr Warren, or been to his store." May 30, 19 7:33 AM

Advocates For Affordable Housing Throw Support Behind Proposed 60-Unit Complex In Southampton

The article neglects to mention that the developer is seeking access to the subject property to and from Hillcrest Avenue. If granted, Hillcrest Avenue would become a shortcut for those seeking to avoid the traffic light at North Sea Road. If the development is to move ahead, let them do so with the legal access they presently have. It’s not necessarily a case of NIMBYism, but concerns about creating a change of traffic patterns in a residential neighborhood. One only needs to look at the numerous streets in Shinnecock Hills that have become shortcuts.
" Jun 5, 19 4:28 PM

Hillcrest Avenue" Jun 6, 19 5:47 AM

UPDATE: Jesse Warren Wins Southampton Village Mayoral Race

So what you are saying is that if you were not born in Southampton, then you have no place in contributing to the community. Is that what you are saying? Also, I wouldn’t characterize a 10 year old store as a “pop up”.
There is a term out there who people who hate others that don’t come from where they do." Jun 21, 19 4:58 PM

At the recent debate, I watched Mayor Irving describe our Village as “vibrant”.

I would compare that comment to Howard Dean’s “I have a scream”.

Congratulations and good luck to our new Mayor and Trustees!" Jun 22, 19 7:08 AM

So what is enough, 15 years? 20 years? Please let me know what YOU decide, so I can make my decisions, and vote accordingly.

Anybody who can survive 10 years in this retail environment deserves respect, despite your prejudices." Jun 22, 19 7:27 AM

No, your statement is false. Capitalization rates on commercial buildings on Southampton Village run around 5%, which is less than most areas on Long Island. That means that landlords in fact get a smaller return than they would in most other places. The issue is the price of the real estate, not the rents being charged. Up until the internet took its toll on retail, Southampton enjoyed one of the lowest vacancy rates on Long Island." Jun 22, 19 3:07 PM

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