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San Gennaro Feast To Debut In Hampton Bays This Weekend

Such a great idea!!! I am so sorry that I was out of town for the inaugural event, but I will definitely make the next one! Mi piace molto gli Italiani in Hampton Bays!!! Hopefully, this event will grow into something that can express the tremendous contribution of the Italian Americans of the Hamptons to the area over the past 10 years.

Auguri!!! (no, I'm not Italian) " Oct 3, 11 7:34 PM

100, not 10!!! Damn internet!" Oct 3, 11 7:35 PM

Parishioners Of Quiogue Church Celebrate Parish's 100th Anniversary

"The stained-glass windows also need replacing." What? I'm hoping that I'm not interpreting that the way it sounds. For a complete history of the church go here: http://www.kuzniewski.net/ic/index.htm
" Apr 9, 14 2:13 PM

Water Mill native Charles F. Dominski dies at 83

They broke the mold when they made you, Chas; one in a million. A figure that still looms large in my childhood memories. Please keep a place at the table for me, Casimir. " Sep 4, 14 10:29 PM

Josephine (Doroski) Kneski Of Westhampton Dies July 11

Whoever rewrote this obituary at 27 East after it was submitted did not do a very good job. Why would yo call an 88 year old Catholic woman married in 1948 "Ms. Kneski?" It was written "Mrs. Kneski" and should have stayed that way." Jul 28, 15 5:34 PM