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Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

East Hampton has had the same town attorney for ages. In fact didn't they change the law specifically for him since he resides outside of the township in Crookhaven? Yeah, a municipality is a great place for a young attorney to start out. But when someone in there 40's -50's still works for the town wouldn't you wonder a little about their competence?" Feb 16, 11 12:36 PM

Brookhaven National Laboratory Announces Top 5 Discoveries Of 2010

Let us not forget the revolutionary discovery of Brown 25. It has the strength of steel, the flexibilty of rubber and the nutritional value of beef stew.

" Feb 16, 11 1:22 PM

East Hampton Lobstermen Object To Proposed Regulations That Would Limit Their Catch

Too many dogfish now days. Ask anybody who ever soaked a line lately. Darn things are a real pain expecially the spiney ones. why the gubmint ever made them protected is insane. now look what happens after they shift the natural way of things. gubmint should stay out of folks lives. period" Feb 16, 11 1:29 PM

Jurors Continue Deliberation In Guldi Case

You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little f*d up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to f*in' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?" Feb 16, 11 1:35 PM

Guldi Found Guilty Of Two Felony Charges

another politician bites the dust. more to follow hopefully

" Feb 16, 11 10:23 PM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

7-11 in Montauk already named those rancid hot dogs "Rusty's Special" Just tell em no other deli in montauk will make you a sandwich and they'll "toss in" a handful of special sauce on the house." Feb 18, 11 8:09 PM

Sag Harbor Mother And Children Injured In Southampton Car Crash

glad they all walked away too specially the kids . that road always was the pits and always will be" Feb 18, 11 8:17 PM

Town Board Hosts Second Round Of Hearings On PDD Law

PDD is a slick attempt for an end run around what is commonly known as SPOT ZONING" Feb 23, 11 6:13 AM

New Committee Charged With Tackling Helicopter Noise

The town could have taken control of the airport and the situation had they not taken the FAA funding. Lets talk again in 20 years." Feb 23, 11 6:25 AM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

Only time code enforcement was worth anything was back when Steve Gold was in charge of it and you know what happened to him. He started writing up the violators some of which had strong political connections and he got s*** canned for doing his job. So lets all give Betsy a chance and see what she can do. " Feb 24, 11 8:02 AM

East Hampton Town Investigates Illegal Clearing In Springs Nature Preserve

"Town officials who arrived at the scene last Thursday reported seeing two men walking away with tools, Mr. Penny said."

Where did the 2 men walk away to? Why weren't they followed. You don't have to be a cop to follow somebody and get a description of them. Follow them while you call the cops on your cell phone. Don't Town Officials have cell phones and nextels? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because they probably didn't think of it. What do you expect of a Town Official who gets paid close to $100K/yr.?

To cut down that much vegetation those 2 men would need alot of tools probably more than they could possibly carry as they were walking away. Didn't any of these town officials get a license plate number of the vehicle(s) the 2 men must have had. Afterall they must have had one to carry all the tools. Why not take a picture of the 2 men to try to identify them? This reeks of selective enforcement. I'd bet dollars to donuts those "2 men" probably are employees of somebody who has friends in high places. "You Gotta Pay to Play" should be at the bottom of the Welcome to East Hampton sign.

" Feb 24, 11 8:19 AM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

"Bill has worked at the highest levels of the community, especially with many non-profit organizations including MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund), The National Council of La Raza, LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), The Imagen Foundation as well as other Latino business and civic organizations."

Lets give Wilky a chance and see what he is going to do in this situation. With his impressive background working with lations in the past I'd bet the ranch its going to be business as usual in Springs." Feb 26, 11 9:44 AM

East Hampton Town Investigates Illegal Clearing In Springs Nature Preserve

Thanks for the clarification Mr. Cohen. Isn't it a felony in new york state if you cause $1500 or more worth of destruction to neighboring lands (i.e; cutting down vegetation, trees, etc.). I hope they throw the book at the homeowner and make an example out of him." Feb 26, 11 9:52 AM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

so what. just goes toshow that a guy who takes the test an passes doesn't get the job when ther is a guy who reputidly was or still is on the payroll who can't pass the test. thats the word on the street. " Feb 26, 11 6:46 PM

if quigley wants to provide affordable housing why not subdivide her 6 acres on swamp road and sell off the remainder cheap for an affordable housing project and take a tax cut? nah, i betcha she don't want that in her backyard. " Feb 28, 11 7:52 PM

the comment wasn't meant to be nasty especially on a personal level. talk about going off the deepend boardwatcher, it was an off the cuff comment. Why doesn't Ms. Quigley sponsor some sort of legislation for people who own large parcels who could sever off a lot for a small affordable house and get a tax break. win-win situation. And as far as being nasty at a personal level I think you have it all wrong. Isn't the political nastyness that is part of the election process the reason why most people tend to shy away from running for office? I hope Mr. Buda and Mr. Cohen realize what is ahead of them and wish them luck." Mar 1, 11 8:35 AM

Oh yeah, and what about your comment above;

"is it true you applied to Southampton Town for a job with Code Enforcement? Seems like your real gripe may be that you didn't get the job . . .

By Board Watcher (101), East Hampton on Feb 26, 11 4:01 PM"

Let me get this straight, you accuse me of getting nasty on a personal level???" Mar 1, 11 8:46 AM

East Hampton Sanitation Facilities Will Close On Wednesdays, Some Holidays

"“If you happen to be off on a Wednesday and that’s your garbage day, you’re going to think about how you’re going to do it,” Mr. Hammerle said."

Good point Mr. Hammerle. My guess is that some people will dump their garbage illegally. What about in the summertime? If the Sanitiation Facilities are closed on Wednesday what about the trash cans at Atlantic Beach and the others? They don't get emptied on Wednesdays? This is going to get real pretty." Mar 2, 11 8:52 AM

Schneiderman Blasts Levy Budget, Says Crisis On Horizon

Anyone have any idea what party is Jay running on against Levy in the fall? He was a Democrat originally, then he ran as a Green Party candidate, then he as a Republican. I think he may have also ran as an independent but its hard to keep track since he seems to switch parties as often as he changes his trousers." Mar 4, 11 1:17 PM

Request For $70 Million Default Judgment Against Town Dismissed

She had to be nuts to think she was going to be handed over $70 million. I wonder how much of it she spent already." Mar 7, 11 10:00 AM

East End Officials Look Toward A Windy Future

Just what we need are a bunch of windmills that are plagued with problems. The number one being to date no gear oil has been invented to withstand the pressures produced within these transmissions. Most recently, the government gave Dow-Corning a big grant to work on it. Previously, many others had tried and failed. This leads to catastrophic failure and total disintegration of the apparatus which spews toxic smoke into the atmosphere as it burns as well as rains down burning debris. I'm sure Mr. Cavett would like to have them near his newly rebuilt home. " Mar 7, 11 7:47 PM

Request For $70 Million Default Judgment Against Town Dismissed

Good point Frank but not necessarily. You can spend what you don't have. Ever hear of credit cards? Lots of people have over extend themselves. Happens all the time. I'm not saying that she did of course. It was just a rhetorical question. " Mar 7, 11 8:20 PM

East End Officials Look Toward A Windy Future

Only real new designs are blade shapes and blade configurations. How many rpm do those huge windmills turn at? That's why you need a transmission. To spin the magnets around the stator fast enough to generate enough electricity (think about the alternator in your car for instance). And to correct what i stated above, not only do transmissions fail but so so generators. I agree with you though that solar power is a better source, bigger bang for the buck and much less obtrusive and visually polluting. " Mar 8, 11 9:52 AM

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