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Apr 9, 2012 1:03 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Local Firm Brings New Phone App To Southampton 7-Eleven

Apr 10, 2012 12:39 PM

Dressed as an oversized coffee cup with a white hard hat, Dave Sendlenski has been promoting his company’s newest smartphone application outside the Southampton Village 7-Eleven every morning this month.

The app, “Channel 7-Eleven,” allows customers of the convenience store to download daily coupons for items at the store on their mobile phones—and to select products they would like to receive a coupon for in the future. It also provides some entertainment by offering a daily video.

Since last Tuesday, Mr. Sendlenski, of Southampton-based Accountabillity (their spelling, a play on the word “bill”) and Associates, has been handing out coupons for a free small coffee during the morning rush to anyone who agreed to download the free app. Although currently on the Android system, an iPhone version is expected later this month.

The app is expected to be the first of many “channels”—apps made to promote a specific company through the firm’s “Narrow Channel” campaign. Each channel will feature coupons and discounts, entertaining videos, and even advertisements and coupons for other, smaller local businesses that will “ride the coattails” of the app, according to Accountabillity and Associates partner Ian Fyffe.

Launched just last week, Channel 7-Eleven presents daily coupons redeemable only at the 7-Eleven at the intersection of North Sea Road and County Road 39. Android app subscribers will see offers for free coffee, pizza and other items on their screens when they launch the application—which can be scanned by clerks at the convenience store in order to be redeemed, no printing necessary.

“Narrow Channel is a local advertising dynamo,” said software engineer Gary Glanz, who founded Accountabillity and Associates. “It’s a way of capturing information from consumers about what they want, when they want it, and turning it into coupons.”

Not only do app users receive a daily coupon from 7-Eleven, but they can add items to a “wish list” by scanning barcodes of products in the store that they’d like to see discounted. According to Mr. Glanz, wish lists are sent to the staff at 7-Eleven for suggested coupons.

“This is the wave of the future in advertising: on a social network, being able to scan coupons at the register, eliminating paper, being able to change the coupon daily with the touch of a button—the list goes on,” said 7-Eleven manager Lori DeFelice, who noted that the store will pay about $100 per month for the service. “I think it’s great for us to be involved from the ground up.”

For almost five months, Accountabillity and Associates has been working with Ms. DeFelice to put together Channel 7-Eleven.

“There are no fliers, no ads, but just exactly what you wanted instead of what somebody thinks you want,” Mr. Glanz said. “We have a television metaphor for this. Channel 7-Eleven is the entertainment part of the programming, the business side of it is the reality programming, and the wish list is the game show.”

Currently, the app posts a daily video that Accountabillity and Associates has picked out. Videos from YouTube and even their own home videos, such as Mr. Sendlenski’s humorous “How to Peel a Banana the Right Way,” have been featured this past week.

Mr. Sendlenski also plans to post a weekly show on Channel 7-Eleven called “Dave Walking,” where he will interview various characters he comes across at 7-Elevens. Once Narrow Channel takes off, the company hopes to contract businesses to create their own videos.

The idea for Narrow Channel came after Mr. Glanz’s software “BIZcoNXT” took off among local construction and service companies. Written by programmer Dave Tucker of North Sea, BIZcoNXT is a smartphone app that construction and service companies can use to track and communicate with their employees.

Depending on the efficiency of the employees who use the BIZcoNXT app, advertisements for local businesses will appear. According to Mr. Glanz, a coupon for a free beer at the Southampton Publick House could show up on the BIZcoNXT app if an employee’s job is done within a reasonable amount of time and meets expectations.

Truly a group effort, BIZcoNXT and Channel 7-Eleven have been developed and evolved by five Southampton locals who know the needs of the service industry. Mr. Sendlenski owns David Sendlenski Construction, Mr. Fyffe is owner of Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs of Sag Harbor, and Mr. Glanz has in the past worked for Wright and Company Construction of Bridgehampton. Bob Nikolich and Dave Tucker, who both hail from Southampton, have also been instrumental in the company’s success.

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By PBR (4956), Southampton on Apr 9, 12 7:58 PM
I lknew Gary way back when :) so it is the American way. He's a smart boy, uh man, and his neighbors wish him well in this project.
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Apr 9, 12 8:08 PM
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By PBR (4956), Southampton on Apr 9, 12 8:11 PM
A Google search for "Accountability and Associates" leads to sites which appear to have no relationship to this area.

Ditto for "Channel 7-Eleven."

Ditto for "Narrow Channel."

What's up here?
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Apr 9, 12 8:31 PM
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 9, 12 10:44 PM
What's next The Garbage Channel, all trash all the time?
By patrickstar (67), hampton bays on Apr 12, 12 8:39 AM
Hey Dave!! I'll have to stop by there and say 'hi'. A 7-11 app might sound silly, but someone's making money off them.
By **HBQueenBee** (46), Hampton Bays on Apr 19, 12 10:17 AM