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Jan 13, 2020 11:39 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Prosecution Says Driver Was Traveling At 85 MPH In Montauk Fatality

Lisa Rooney in court on Monday.    MICHAEL WRIGHT
Jan 13, 2020 12:37 PM

Lisa Rooney was traveling 85 mph and swerving across lanes of traffic when she struck and killed John James Usma-Quintero in Montauk in October, prosecutors told a judge in Suffolk County Criminal Court on Monday.

Assistant District Attorney Carl Borelli told Supreme Court Justice Hector Camacho that the “black box” from Ms. Rooney‘s 2019 Chevy Silverado pickup truck showed that she was traveling 85 mph one second before the accident happened. Mr. Borelli also said that she had been reported driving erratically, including swerving into the oncoming lane of traffic before “over-correcting” onto the road shoulder of the northbound lane of Flamingo Road, where she struck Mr. Usma-Quintero while he was riding his bicycle home from work at 7-Eleven just after sunset on October 30.

Mr. Borelli said that Ms Rooney, 30, had been in a local bar for more than two hours and had consumed multiple glasses of wine before getting in her vehicle.

Ms. Rooney was arraigned on six felony charges and two misdemeanors on Monday before Judge Camacho. Mr. Borelli noted that one of the lesser charges, assault in the second degree, actually would allow his office to demand bail under the newly restricted statewide bail requirements, since it is classified as a violent offense. He did not recommend that the judge demand bail but did ask that Ms. Rooney be ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

Ms. Rooney’s attorney, Marc Gann, told the judge that she is currently enrolled in a New York City-based treatment program, under 24-hour supervision. He noted that a caseworker from the facility had accompanied her to court on Monday. The judge ordered that Ms. Rooney remain in treatment and said that when she has concluded her treatment he would revisit the matter of the monitoring bracelet.

Ms. Rooney is due to return to court March 3.

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