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Oct 16, 2019 9:46 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Democratic Committee Throws Support Behind Two-Out-Of-Four Party Candidates For Trustee

Southampton Town Trustee Bill Pell is campaigning with his daughter, Hannah Pell, who is seeking a seat on the Southampton Town Board. GREG WEHNER
Oct 16, 2019 10:36 AM

While four Southampton Town Trustee candidates are running for seats to the five-member board as members of the Democratic Party, or with the party’s endorsement, signs erected by the party across town, as well as advertisements placed in various publications, show the party is only actively supporting two of those candidates.

The four candidates running for Trustee under the Democratic Party line include Andrew Brosnan, a member of the party; Independence Party members Ann Welker and Bill Pell, who both received cross-endorsements from the party; and Democrat Eric Shultz, who earned the ability to run as a Democrat after winning a primary in June.

However, print advertisements placed by the Southampton Town Democratic Committee promote only Ms. Welker and Mr. Brosnan for Trustee — Mr. Shultz and Mr. Pell are not included.

On Tuesday, Democratic Party Chairman Gordon Herr said the advertisements do not include Mr. Shultz because he was never nominated or endorsed by the party.

Mr. Pell, he said, got the party’s official cross-endorsement in February but is not being promoted for another reason: “He’s running someone against our council candidates — his daughter,” Mr. Herr said.

Mr. Pell’s daughter, Hannah Pell, is running for a seat on the Town Board and received the Independence Party endorsement, along with her father. “He’s promoting her, which is difficult,” Mr. Herr added.

According to Mr. Herr, the Democratic Party runs a “unified” campaign, and has for years. So when they endorse someone who is supposed to be on the Democratic team, he said, and that candidate backs a candidate from another party, it creates a breach of contract.

“He basically created this breach himself,” Mr. Herr said. “He developed this conflict of interest himself.

“You can make the case that it’s his daughter — but it’s still someone who is running against our nominated and endorsed candidates on the Democratic line,” he added.

Mr. Pell has posted signs throughout the town with both his and his daughter’s name — the biggest sign appears on the back of Mr. Pell’s truck.

Some of the Democratic candidates, Mr. Herr said, were upset that they were not included in Mr. Pell’s campaign.

“I’m being punished because I’m trying to help my daughter, who wants to get into local politics in the town where she lives,” Mr. Pell said. “Of course, all parents have to support their children. Of course I’m going to support my daughter.”

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Hmmm. Wasn’t Bill the first person to run as a dem trustee and win? Sir Freddy ran as a Republican so he would win, the last time.
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Oct 16, 19 9:50 PM
This is the state of the political parties out here, run like a back room card game. All depends on how much is donated to the party.
Sad state of affairs in the town. Who's on first???
Look who received the most votes for trustee over the years. Vote Fred Havermeyer and Eric Schultz...
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Oct 18, 19 12:42 PM
vote the candidate, not the PARTY! Petty political party hacks have f'ed up local politics.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Oct 18, 19 12:56 PM
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Here's an idea - get rid of electoral fusion in NY State and elminate cross endorsements in the election process. Most of the cross endorsements are linked to political favors and provide power to party bosses who have little to no actual support among the voters. If the GOP or Dems or Independence Party or Conservatives or WFP or Libertarians have candidates within their party let them list their candidates. If a non-affiliated person wants to run and takes the time to gather signatures to do so, ...more
By roverton (64), Westhampton on Oct 19, 19 7:38 AM
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