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Oct 8, 2019 5:32 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Accepts Resignation Of Lead Code Enforcement Administrator

Southampton Town Board members accepted Steven Troyd's resignation during a meeting on October 8, 2019. PRESS FILE
Oct 9, 2019 8:54 AM

Southampton Town Board members accepted the sudden resignation of Steven Troyd, the town public safety and emergency management administrator, at a board meeting on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, Mr. Troyd made numerous code modification suggestions that were aimed at targeting illegal rentals in the town, though none of the suggestions were implemented.

The details surrounding Mr. Troyd’s departure are unknown, as town officials refused to speak on the matter.

Mr. Troyd, a 28-year law enforcement veteran with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was tapped to head the town’s Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness in August 2017. Now, just 25 months later, Mr. Troyd has vacated his position.

A 1992 graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, Mr. Troyd was hired by the FBI in 1988 as a security patrol and complaint clerk in the Brooklyn-Queens resident agency. He then became a specialist in the bureau’s special surveillance group.

After graduating from John Jay College, he helped investigate the 1993 World Trade Center bombing when a truck filled with explosives detonated under the north tower, resulting in six people dying and more than 1,000 people getting injured.

Mr. Troyd also helped investigate the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers, and in 2003 worked as a member of the Long Island Gang Task Force.

When the Town of Southampton hired him in 2017, Mr. Troyd’s salary was $105,000.

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Interesting, since We just learned at the Flanders meeting this week that he has be "on vacation since August"....did he get paid all this time???

By shapal (1), Hampton Bays on Oct 9, 19 11:01 AM
So it seems to me that the Town Board hired Mr. Troyd to do a job, and then when he actually tried to do his job, they didn't want him to do it. Good for Mr. Troyd for not being this Board's puppet. This is one of the most institutionally corrupt administrations I have come across. Supervisor Schneiderman and Councilperson Bouvier do not deserve another term to destroy the Town of Southampton. Remember this on election day. Every vote counts.
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 9, 19 2:59 PM
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Not at all the reason he is gone.
By Ref11 (17), hampton bays on Oct 9, 19 8:13 PM
I am not sure I understand since you "liked" my comment or maybe that was a mistake. It seems like you have the inside scoop. I have followed this administration very carefully over the past 4 years and it is completely institutionally corrupt. The SOS is a good data collection tool, but the actual completion of a code enforcement action is almost non-existent unless voluntarily completed by the violator. It is not code enforcement - it is more like code notification. I believe that the Bel-Aire ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 10, 19 1:47 PM
What is the reason?
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Oct 17, 19 11:07 AM
I hope we see this anti-Trump FBIi reject in tight handcuffs very soon.
By themarlinspike (542), Northern Hemisphere on Oct 10, 19 7:52 AM
Curious, on what basis do you make this accusation?
By V.Tomanoku (790), southampton on Oct 10, 19 8:25 AM
My experience with Troyd proved conclusively that he is a no good. Just some more FBI malfeasance exposed.
By themarlinspike (542), Northern Hemisphere on Oct 17, 19 8:19 AM
Golden parachute to leave with? Did he do the job? Do we need to replace him?
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Oct 10, 19 11:21 AM
""made numerous code...suggestions that were aimed at targeting illegal rentals...none were implemented" - Tells you everthing you need to know. This town board needs to go.
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Oct 10, 19 6:31 PM
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“Completely institutionally corrupt” is what Gail Lombardi calls the present town administration. That’s both wide and deep, Ms. Lombardi, a bit much even for you. Off our meds today, are we? You really need to have some specifics, at least to give the illusion of verification, when you lay on a whopper like that, or you will be losing what little trace of believability remains to you.
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Oct 10, 19 11:55 PM
Yes George as an auditor who reviewed internal controls, I would categorize this organization as "institutional corrupt:. "Institutional corruption is manifest when there is a systemic and strategic influence which is legal, or even currently ethical, that undermines the institution’s effectiveness by diverting it from its purpose or weakening its ability to achieve its purpose, including, to the extent relevant to its purpose" - If I would "follow the paper and the money" form every decision ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 12, 19 9:28 AM
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oh and I forgot the HBWD issues that have gone one for years with little to no resolution.
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 12, 19 10:45 AM
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and one more just for fun...even the events leading to the establishment of this position. Go back to the Town board meeting when this was approved. Jay Schneiderman and John Bouvier wanted "statistics" meanwhile statistics were available - many of us had gotten them earlier in the week from code enforcement. Julie Lofstad stated she didn't want to "do the same thing over and over again" a/k/a/ "throw the spaghetti against the ceiling and see if it will stick". At the same meeting, John Bouvier ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 12, 19 11:02 AM
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Oh I see GA Lombardi. In short you have nothing but accusations, no evidence whatsoever. So where's the beef?
By Obbservant (449), southampton on Oct 15, 19 2:03 AM
You can call these "accusations", but if you followed the fact pattern and and process as I have in these various situations, you would know that these are not accusations. I don't make accusations (admittedly the occasionally snarky comment). These are documented Town Board meetings on video and I have FOILED many documents and made many inquires to come to my conclusions. I have drawers full of files and analyses over the past four years, so I am comfortable with my statements.
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 15, 19 5:45 AM
What’s the source of your quoted definition of “institutional corruption”? And how is it “complete” as you charged, In Southampton?
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Oct 13, 19 4:02 PM
Harvard University Center for Ethics is the source and really George...spitting hairs on the word "complete"...when people have nothing..they muddy the waters and hope no one notices.
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 14, 19 7:51 AM
Oh we see GA Lombardi. When you're asked to support your assertions with facts, the inquirer is "splitting hairs". Figures. How do you expect to be taken seriously? Seriously!
By Obbservant (449), southampton on Oct 15, 19 2:23 AM
I did support the source and provided numerous examples. Only a few examples taints an administration. The first step in reviewing internal controls in auditing is determine the "tone at the top" - if the tone at the top doesn't recognize critical procedural issues, you increase your audit steps since the representations of management cannot be relied upon. BTW, I am a TOS resident, taxpayer, and property owner (not that that should matter). I am not in a position of authority so you don't need ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 15, 19 5:38 AM
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GA -- turn your accounting acumen to the Hampton Bays schools -- take a look at the last 3 years of the detailed actual and draft budget especially all the electricity and heating and gasoline line items scattered throughout the detailed budget and especially the long term contract for some opaque "energy management" for schools that have high level LEED certificates. Be thorough, that particular contract is split into several line items to further obscure it.

Supervisor Schneiderman, ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Oct 16, 19 8:32 AM
Our school taxes are actually more than 50% of our tax bill. The school issue is separate for the issues at the Town. 4 years ago, the 3 J's promised us "results" for the overcrowding, the illegal use of the motels, and affordable housing OUTSIDE of the HB school district to help with the school district. AND what have then done, allowed for conversion of motel to apartments, purchased the Bel-Aier that I will put money on will end up as apartments and allowed an HBDOD plan to move forward with ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 16, 19 11:56 AM
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Well if you run for the school board you might want to look over the budget. The contract to "manage" the energy bill for LEED certified buildings that are not in use 3 months of the year, the various t&e charges for the executive staff above the level of school principal and of course the ridiculous health insurance premiums that are also "managed" by an outside contractor "consultant."

All of these items are split over several categories but I'm sure you will be able to see the forest ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Oct 16, 19 7:31 PM
I know from your posts, you have long standing issues with the school budgets. That is not my issue with the Town Board and now Craig Catalanno since they are very flippant about density in Hampton Bays. We have the issue with HBWD and the level of school enrollment and they want to dump on HB. We have the highest density in the TOS - 2 1/2 the average in the TOS - 1000 per square mile. The school has stayed on the cap, but if the density creates additional school population, there may be a need ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 16, 19 7:40 PM
You are very quick to claim malfeasance on the part of the Town government but never provide one specific instance of wrongdoing -- your objecrion to additional housing is a policy question not an accounting objection. You admit that over half of our property taxes are from the HB school district and you're also very quick to claim forensic accounting acumen but have never once commented on the existing HB school budget -- you know the budget that keeps going up even as actual student population ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Oct 17, 19 7:51 AM
Dfree, I am not sure what the personal and professional attacks are, but I don't appreciate them. I am not a public figure, elected official or even a paid employee of the school or Town. I have NEVER accused the Town of an illegal action, just "institutional corruption" - that is a big difference. I don't know why you are conflating the school and the Town. I stand by my statements and I have the conviction to post under my real name. Maybe 27east should change that so the personal attacks ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 17, 19 8:54 AM
What was the personal attack? You claim forensic accounting experience so I am asking you to use your skills on the budget that matters the most to local HB taxpayers. The school district received a letter condemning their accounting practices from New York State -- we know they need help. Take 10 minutes and find one significant budget line item to cut from the HB school budget and I will be the first person to vote for you. If you get on the HB school board and cut taxes because of a vigorous ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Oct 17, 19 10:51 AM
Believe me, if I do run for School Board, I will be prepared. I have asked the Administration to post several years of audited financial statements on their website ad they have. I am not sure if my abilities can offset my vision loss, but either way I intend on spending more time on the school financials this winter. There used to be a finance committee made up of non-board members.
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Oct 17, 19 12:28 PM
Maybe we should be allowed to implement impeachment of town board members.
By Resident tax (186), Hampton bays ny on Oct 14, 19 1:49 PM
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