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Jun 1, 2017 5:52 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Still Intends To Repeal PDD Law As Moratorium Expires

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman
Jun 6, 2017 4:19 PM

Southampton Town Board members still are expected to extend the year-long moratorium on planned development districts, which expired on Thursday, June 1—though exactly when remains a mystery.

At their work session last Thursday, as the moratorium expired, board members said they could not set a date for a vote to extend it by three months—with the ultimate goal of repealing the PDD legislation in its entirety—because both the Suffolk County Planning Commission and the town’s Planning Board must still weigh in on the proposal.

When that vote will be held remains unclear, but Town Board members have scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday, June 27, during which they will discuss repealing the PDD legislation. That meeting begins at 6 p.m. and will be held at the David W. Crohan Community Center on Flanders Road in Flanders.

The Suffolk County Planning Commission was scheduled to next meet at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 7, though the board’s agenda was not immediately available.

Southampton Town Planning Board members, meanwhile, are likely to discuss the proposed extension when they next meet at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 8, according to Town Attorney James Burke.

Both boards are required to review proposed moratoriums, as well as extensions, noted Assistant Town Attorney Carl Benincasa.

Originally, Town Board members suggested that they would be ready to repeal the law, a zoning mechanism that allows more intense development in exchange for community benefits, at their meeting on Tuesday, June 13, though that no longer appears feasible.

Even though the moratorium has already expired, and most likely won’t be extended for at least another two weeks, Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said last week that he is not worried about developers potentially trying to take advantage of the situation. He explained that if it receives any new PDD applications, the board can simply reject it, citing the pending extension.

Both Town Councilwoman Christine Scalera and Mr. Burke echoed the supervisor’s comments when asked about the possibility.

Local environmentalists have been pushing for the legislation’s repeal since 2015, charging that it mostly benefits would-be developers by allowing them to greatly increase their potential profits in exchange for minimal community benefits—when the system, they’ve argued, should work the other way. A year-long moratorium was put in place last spring, in order to give the board time to assess whether they wanted to tweak the legislation.

Members of both the East Quogue Citizen Advisory Committee and the Hampton Bays Civic Association voiced their support of the moratorium extension through September 1 at a public hearing on Thursday, June 1. The town will continue to accept written comments on the proposal until Thursday, June 15.

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sh press how about an update on the cpi project, the rechlers won a ten year + battle and have done nothing to start construction ??? how about the dinner/spanish club ? a trolley is no good if its running in between a ghost town
By Erin 27 E (1263), hampton bays on Jun 2, 17 8:26 AM
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SH PRESS EDITORIAL - May 25th, 2017:

Drawing A Line

Southampton Town’s special zoning designation, the planned development district, is entering its final weeks as a planning tool: The Town Board plans to dismantle it this summer. At the same time, the board has one final PDD to deal with—and it’s the biggest of all. In fact, the golf course and luxury housing development in East Quogue called “The Hills at Southampton” is one of the most significant ...more
By FiddlerCrab (96), Westhampton Beach on Jun 2, 17 1:30 PM
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Mr. Shaw's editorial was perfectly worded, thank you sir.
By Taz (700), East Quogue on Jun 3, 17 10:53 AM
PDDs are dead,Perfect now the town can stay frozen in time just the way It was when you were 7 and your grand pappy used to take you down to the creek for dinner.

PDDs have a place!
By They call me (2797), southampton on Jun 2, 17 2:17 PM
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Sounds like you are trying to make "frozen in time" or as a bad thing but i think you've been more successful in making it sound attractive.
Is the full development of long island a good thing. . What community is going to take a leadership role in preservation and limitations on letting towns be held hostage to the sons of developers. .. thats so 80s .
Is anyone thankful for the strip mega mini malls and the condos ?? Not really
By dave h (193), calverton on Jun 4, 17 11:16 AM
No one is suggesting we build out the East End We are talking about PLANNED projects with community benefit.

You can drive anywhere throughout the B F Country and have perfect Cell Phone service until you get to these C blocking towns and there Mayberry mind set. It"s 2017 and people need cell service ( It is dangerous as well as inconvenient) These town boards are just being spiteful obstructionists at this point....Enough already !
By They call me (2797), southampton on Jun 4, 17 11:51 AM
I would like to see our Democrat board stand up against PDDs. Thankfully my Democrats will have nothing to do with anyone associated with the Hills.
By CleanWaters (80), Southampton on Jun 4, 17 1:10 PM
Kill PDD'S and kill the Hills. Do it!!!
By fidelis (199), westhampton beach on Jun 4, 17 6:02 PM
Yo, Clean Waters, sorry to tell you're wrong. You say the Dems won't have to do with anyone who is for the Hills, but I just heard the Dem candidate for town trustee is this guy Camden Ackerman. He is paid by the Hills, lobbyist or consultant or whatever, hes their guy. Democrats are supposed to be the enviros, so why they do this?
By fidelis (199), westhampton beach on Jun 5, 17 5:51 PM
How can that possibly be true that my Democrats have run a paid Hills lobbyist for an environmentally vital position like Trustee? The Southampton Press has taken a strong stand against the Hills and surely they would have reported if a Discovery Land Company shill was running on the Democrat ticket. Sounds like fake news to me.
By CleanWaters (80), Southampton on Jun 6, 17 9:23 AM
Ask your Dems. see if they deny it.
By fidelis (199), westhampton beach on Jun 6, 17 11:26 AM
The Town and some residents ( the vocal minority) finally received what they wanted. An anti business, anti night life, anti recreation town. Brutal procedures and made up as you go laws has a place like Hampton Bays looking pretty bad. From the Diner debacle to the CPI and in between offers little. It is interesting that the same people who want to stop all growth and business are the same ones who go to Patchogue or Riverhead to shop and eat. Sad.
By The Real World (368), southampton on Jun 7, 17 4:19 PM
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This is an incredible generalization. One of the more meaningless comments i've seen here.
By adlkjd923ilifmac.aladfksdurwp (741), southampton on Jun 13, 17 10:47 AM