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Apr 17, 2017 9:38 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

Ron Fisher, Paula Godfrey, Curtis Highsmith Jr., Bonnie Michelle Cannon and Barbra Fair at the site of the future Sandy Hollow affordable housing complex. JEN NEWMAN
Apr 17, 2017 9:41 AM

A long-awaited 28-unit affordable housing apartment complex in Tuckahoe is finally gaining traction now that a related project in Speonk has been approved.

Officials from the Southampton Town Housing Authority said this week they are finally able to submit paperwork for the 2.6-acre Tuckahoe project, dubbed Sandy Hollow, after the Town Board’s recent approval of a 38-unit affordable housing apartment complex called Speonk Commons.

According to Southampton Housing Authority Executive Director Curtis Highsmith, work on Sandy Hollow had been stalled due to a New York State Homes and Community Renewal award of $30 million in tax credits—the largest award in the funding round, and the only award on Long Island—while officials waited for Speonk Commons to gain a change of zone approval from the Town Board.

“Now that Speonk has zoning approval, our team is preparing the required material for site approval through the Town of Southampton Planning Board,” Mr. Highsmith said. “Although a specific time has not been determined, it is our goal to be in position for groundbreaking by summer for Sandy Hollow, and September for Speonk Commons.”

Mr. Highsmith explained that due to the competitive nature of the state tax credit, the Housing Authority combined both Speonk Commons and Sandy Hollow projects into one application, as both complexes are partnerships between the Town Housing Authority and Georgica Green, a for-profit, Jericho-based company that builds affordable housing.

“If Speonk didn’t go through then the likelihood of going through with Sandy Hollow would have been very difficult,” Mr. Highsmith said.

Sandy Hollow calls for 28 studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, intended for middle-income tenants. The tax credits obtained by the state will largely be used to fund the construction of the apartment complex, which will require that most of the apartments be offered at varying fractions of open market value, based on the income levels of potential tenants. Rent at the apartments is to start at about $950 per month, Mr. Highsmith said.

The project was approved in 2014 through special zoning called a planned development district, or PDD, but still requires Suffolk County Health Department approval for its wastewater treatment plan, which Mr. Highsmith noted has a significant cost. For this reason, Sandy Hollow has been in “pause mode” awaiting a clear direction and decision on Speonk Commons, he said.

After initial push-back, many residents in the community supported the Speonk Commons affordable housing project after the developers agreed to reduce the number of apartments from 51 to 38.

Longtime Southampton Housing Authority Chair Bonnie Cannon said with such a need for affordable housing on the East End, she hopes this project will help change the public’s perspective on the definition of affordable housing.

“We have nothing here—it has to make a positive impact,” she said of Sandy Hollow. “It means a whole lot to me. We’ve gone through three different [town] boards, and we’re finally here.”

The Southampton Housing Authority will likely begin accepting applications for the Sandy Hollow affordable housing lottery sometime this summer, and Mr. Highsmith noted that anyone who is on a waiting list must still go through the lottery process in order to be considered.

Last January, a lawsuit filed by neighbors seeking to stop the development of Sandy Hollow was dismissed by a State Supreme Court justice, who said arguments against the project were “superfluous.”

Over the past four years, the Southampton Housing Authority developed and sold 15 homes to first-home buyers throughout the town. Information about its projects and programs is availble at Southamptonha.org.

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Quality affordable rentals are desperately needed on the East End!
By Mouthampton (439), Southampton on Apr 17, 17 10:53 AM
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yes affordable housing....WRONG location....
By native68 (20), southampton on Apr 17, 17 11:53 AM
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Where do you suggest?
By Mouthampton (439), Southampton on Apr 17, 17 3:00 PM
the track of land south of 39 on Magee Street (before the RR tracks...east side) .....not sure but I thought the town now owns this land.....
By native68 (20), southampton on Apr 17, 17 4:03 PM
We need this. But where else would an affordable housing tract be built?
By Moral Dolphin (50), Southampton on Apr 17, 17 12:30 PM
So, just to understand, I pay Town property taxes so that someone else can get rent subsidized housing? There are many sub-$350,000 houses in Riverhead -- and other places on Long Island. Go live there, if Southampton reduces property taxes it becomes more affordable...
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Apr 17, 17 12:56 PM
Riverhead and points west are more expensive for property taxes.

The house is less, but you get burned annually.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 24, 17 1:29 PM
is there a plan in the works to bring public water to the many homeowners and tax payors on sandy hollow rd who don't have acess to water--since the plans for this development show the waste management facility is to be built on or in close proximity to the aquifer for our well water
By schamus13 (8), southampton on Apr 17, 17 4:37 PM
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Affordable? So that meams am average family with an annual pretax income of $35,000 a year can finally afford to live here? Somehow I think not.
By LovedHerTown (132), southampton on Apr 17, 17 6:38 PM
Why is affordable housing an issue for Town government? Affordable healthcare is a more pervasive issue. Why do we not have access as tax paying local residents to the hospital already built? Why is education free for anyone and housing being built and police, teachers and government workers get healthcare and this is not extended, even on a non-subsidized, paid basis, to local taxpayers?
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Apr 18, 17 8:31 AM
ITS EXPENSIVE TO LIVE IN SOUTHAMPTON. The exclusivity of the area is a major draw for the people who fund our bubble economy. There are several towns to the near west that are much more affordable with a more affordable cost of living Having and "affordable" place to live doesn't make food, gas, or any living expense more affordable. Make a better commuting system (like the trains and buses) and more people can easily commute from other areas without impacting traffic. The fact that Southampton ...more
By Corwin1879 (40), Southampton on Apr 18, 17 8:57 AM
You're in the rich column.
By even flow (1023), East Hampton on Apr 18, 17 10:40 AM
OMG, will we become North Bellport? Or Brentwood? Suffolk already has a major problem with crime/drugs over the last 10 years. Those of low income need to supplement their income somehow -- many (altho not all) choose to do so via crime -- whether out of desperation, greed, or sheer laziness. Thanks Southampton for adding to it! Southampton will soon become a ghetto of mac-mansions boarded up and abandoned by those who no longer want to live here! And the economy will die, and make it a new ...more
By greycat (2), Southampton on Apr 18, 17 11:51 AM
What a bunch of SNOBS!!! There are many people who work for the Town and V
illage of Southampton and local businesses that cannot , at this point, afford to live here and must commute for hours to get to their employment!! Do you deny them a place to live?????
By Claire (3), Southampton on Apr 18, 17 12:07 PM
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There is definitely a need for people who for some very good reason are unable to earn enough to live and public funds, zoning changes should be used to help these citizens. Single parents physically or mentally disabled for example. However just because someone chooses to work in a job that doesn't pay enough to live isn't a reason to qualify for affordable housing if they are physically able to work more or differently. The American dream isn't guaranteed and I worked extra for years to buy my ...more
By North Sea Citizen (568), North Sea on Apr 18, 17 12:27 PM
What year did you purchase your home?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 24, 17 1:33 PM
Not everyone can afford to live wherever they choose, that's life. Unless you can scam an apartment in da new ghetto.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Apr 19, 17 5:54 AM
Hey ! How come this article is no longer in the headlines ? Hmmmm
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 20, 17 7:54 AM
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We do need affordable housing but this location doesnt seem smart! Though I know we are limited on locations. But the West bound trade parade traffic to Sandy Hollow is back up backed up to Fish Cove Bridge. And you all the traffic sneaking down the side roads to NS road to get to Sandy Hollow. Sounds like a bottle neck of fun. I assume the intersection at Sandy Hollow an NS will need to be reconfigured ? The location at Sandy Hollow seems more fitting for a Senior Citizen Rec Center .

Anyone ...more
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 21, 17 7:44 AM
REPORT: ICE Failures Under Obama Administration Leave More Than 2.2 Million Aliens on Streets

A new report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Office of Inspector General (OIG) reveals startling failures during the Obama Administration that allowed 2.2 million deportable aliens to remain on the streets in a “supervised” status. Aliens with criminal convictions accounted for nearly 400,000 of that total.

Disgraceful !
Apr 22, 17 10:49 AM appended by They call me
Democrats seem to posses a fervent desire to import problems into our community's, Islamic and Central/South American felons, MS 13, rapists, drug dealers, murderers, and child slavers and FGM are not welcome . The reality is that the criminal illegal alien represents the new demographic of the Democratic Party and the left's vision for all of America. The middle class will not subjugate itself quickly enough into accepting abject poverty and absolute corruption as "normal" so they are intent on importing people already indoctrinated into this lifestyle. The radical left is actually participating in their own demise.
By They call me (2826), southampton on Apr 22, 17 10:49 AM
2 members liked this comment
to They call me:


Another of your unsubstantiated, hysterically prejudicial opinions based on an irrational inference from a plagiarized RIght-Wing article that in no way supports it.

You have placed fun house mirrors between yourself and reality.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Apr 23, 17 10:17 AM
Illegal immigrants are devastating every aspect of US society including healthcare, housing, unskilled wage levels, education systems, social programs and justice systems.Not all of them are MS 13 but they all had to break the law at some point to be here.The anchor baby problem needs to be stopped. Obama was the American Merkel.
By Ditch Bum (929), Water Mill on Apr 23, 17 10:50 AM
Listen ... You can just rip family's apart at this point it would be inhumane. We let them come in and buy homes set up businesses... you cant just kick them out now. IMO if you can prove your employed, own property or have a child here you should be granted a visa status.

We must pass a limited amnesty with a cut off date as well as build the wall and then get serious from that point forward

You must follow the law as well as pay taxes, If you were not born here and you came illegally ...more
By joe hampton (3461), The Hamptons on Apr 23, 17 11:07 AM
Like Reagan did in the eighties, and you complained about Obama (DAPA/DACA) doing?

Do you know what in the **** a hypocrite is?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 24, 17 7:27 PM
Let's just cut to the chase, Z.

You and your leftist cohorts believe illegals are merely taking back the country that was stolen from them, and any attempt to control our borders is an offensive reminder of the white supremacy this illegitimate country was founded upon.

Do I have that right? We really don't need to get into specifics to explain why you believe illegal aliens have every right to be here.
By MoronEliminator (215), Montauk on Apr 24, 17 7:36 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 24, 17 7:40 PM
If you believe that, the first half of your name is quite applicable.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 24, 17 10:52 PM
LePen is the only option for not just France, but Europes survival. MFGA
By joe hampton (3461), The Hamptons on Apr 24, 17 12:55 AM
The left wing mayor of the northern French town of Annezin, Daniel Delomez, has resigned after residents in his town voted for anti-mass migration leader Marine Le Pen.
Delomez called the result of the first round of the French election “catastrophic” as Le Pen and Macron advanced to the second round. The reason for his resignation, according to the mayor, was that he felt it was a waste of his time serving people he referred to as “arseholes”
Apr 24, 17 12:21 PM appended by Ditch Bum
Be it the UK, US or France the left just can't seem to accept election results. Maybe they always got the participation trophy so when ever something goes against them they refer to insults.
By Ditch Bum (929), Water Mill on Apr 24, 17 12:21 PM
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Poll: 96% of Trump Supporters Would Vote for Him Again, Win Popular Vote
By 27dan (2854), Shinnecock Hills on Apr 24, 17 5:36 AM
The leftists in France are flipping out over the election, why is it that when they don't get their way they resort to protests and violence? Any of our resident left wingers care to explain this phenomenon ? JuneZ, HH, Mets Fan ?
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Apr 24, 17 5:21 PM
respectfully b f you need to relize you razza, joe and the rest of the gang have won the war.

there all gone. they have retreated to some group therapy facility, oh sure mr. hat still tries to pretend he did not get his hat cleaned every now and then, but for the most part the was is over solder.

the suprem court has been rebalenced, the flood of refugees has stopped, taxes and regulation are back in check, we are getting a wall and ombama care is getting tossed...... good job ...more
Apr 24, 17 6:50 PM appended by Erin 27 E
but for the most part the war is over solder.
By Erin 27 E (1281), hampton bays on Apr 24, 17 6:50 PM
Yeah, that whole "one term president" obstructionist thing had nothing to do with protest.

BTW, if Trump keeps spending on travel and security he is set to outpace Obama's eight years during his first in office.

Fiscal "conservatives" and all...
Apr 24, 17 6:56 PM appended by Mr. Z
And, BTW, who in the [expletive deleted] says "Congratulations" when awarding a Purple Heart? A completely daft, socially ignorant idiot. That's who.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 24, 17 6:56 PM
How about the commander in chief saying Navy CORPSEman, instead of corpsman multiple times, over a span of years during solemn, public events?

Coffee cup salute?

Referencing the 57 states?

Trying to walk into the White House through a window?

All merely human error, but apparently you give some leeway to err and others are mercilessly ridiculed for the same behavior.

Smacks of a double standard.
By ChrisDiPetta (37), on Apr 24, 17 7:48 PM
1 member liked this comment
sorry for all the errors i should not post from my phone anymore.
By Erin 27 E (1281), hampton bays on Apr 24, 17 8:16 PM
Yes, Z, a cretin of the first order. An idiot savant who only knows from real estate and self-enrichment. The same idiot who actually said he
"always wanted one" when some jackass sycophant presented his to the squash-playing draft dodger with bone spurs.
By June Bug (2680), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 24, 17 8:21 PM
"And, BTW, who in the [expletive deleted] says "Congratulations" when awarding a Purple Heart?"

Well Z, maybe because the Purple Heart wasn't awarded posthumously? Or would that be better? Hard to tell with June B's reference to "Fascist Marine LePen."
By Mr. Snerdley (397), Southampton on Apr 24, 17 10:36 PM
How about "Thank you for your service"?

He's a jackass of the first order.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 24, 17 10:51 PM
You do realize the recipient was ---> AWARDED <--- the purple heart, yes? That's official military language... just sayin'. Taking that a step further, congratulations for the award... yeah, I can cut some slack given the intent and sincerity given and intended.
By Mr. Snerdley (397), Southampton on Apr 25, 17 3:51 PM
No wall. Mr. Dealmaker folds like a cheap suit.

February: dump meets with Boeing to talk jobs.
April: Boeing announces 429 layoffs of union members.
By June Bug (2680), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 24, 17 8:41 PM
Those where not jobs they were more like positions
By joe hampton (3461), The Hamptons on Apr 25, 17 10:22 AM
1 member liked this comment
Hey big fresh, Bum, Joe H., dja' see the vintage footage of Fascist Jean M. LePen, Marine LePen's father, punch his other daughter's political opponent? (Who, btw, beat his daughter.)
Realize how anti- American anyone is who roots for the Fascist Marine LePen who wants what Putin wants? Please tell us how it is in our interest to see a weakened Europe and a pullout from NATO of one of our strongest allies?
By June Bug (2680), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 24, 17 9:55 PM
Mark Levin: New Info Shows Obama Lied About Iran Deal

Radio host Mark Levin reads from this story Monday in Politico by Josh Meyer titled: 'Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway' calling it a "shocking story."

Politico reports that the Obama administration lied about Iranians held by the U.S. and traded to the Islamic Republic for Americans. "Obama portrayed the seven men he freed as 'civilians.' The senior official described them as businessmen convicted of or awaiting trial ...more
By joe hampton (3461), The Hamptons on Apr 25, 17 2:34 PM
It is the goal of the America hating Left wing fanatics to completely destroy America and rebuild her as a one party Socalist country.

Obama the America hating Marxist Pig was the set-up Tyrant and Hillary was anointed to be the closer.

Luckily, not enough Americans have submit to the lies and tyranny of the haters of America in the Democratic Party.

Thank God for Donald Trump.
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on Apr 25, 17 2:37 PM
“You know that I, like millions of Soviet citizens, over 20 million, was a member of the Communist Party of the USSR and not only was I a member of the party but I worked for almost 20 years for an organization called the Committee for State Security (KGB). I was not, as you know, a party member by necessity. I liked Communist and socialist ideas very much and I like them still."

~ Vladimir Putin
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 26, 17 6:49 AM
JuneZ, please explain how Marine LePen is a facist.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Apr 25, 17 6:23 AM
3 members liked this comment
Poll: 96% of Trump Supporters Would Vote for Him Again,

Apr 25, 17 10:23 AM appended by 27dan
STOCKS SMASH RECORDS... GREAT AGAIN: Housing in 'strongest seller's market ever'... Border rancher: Illegal crossings down 90% since Trump...
By 27dan (2854), Shinnecock Hills on Apr 25, 17 10:23 AM
Mr. President, shut down that government... 6.5% of the EPA is considered mandatory? Close it down to essential people then have congress fund each department with separate bills and hire back the best to maybe 40% over essential. Start with the wall and national parks, but move quick we will barely notice while we put a dent in the deficit.
By They call me (2826), southampton on Apr 25, 17 2:24 PM
Lulz, I had to scroll up to see what this article was even about. You people are tremendous. Keep it up! MRGA!
By johnj (1024), Westhampton on Apr 25, 17 2:54 PM
JuneZ, you made an assertion that Marine LePen is a facist, please PROVE your assertion or withdraw your comment.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Apr 25, 17 4:18 PM
1 member liked this comment
she cant prove her ASSertion, they have all been beaten.... first that deviant phil, than mr hat with his pompous predictions that made him look ridiculous and now june being scolded for her radical sourced left wing cut and pastes

it is like the main stream media looking ridiculous for trying to force hilary on the people.

they have lost, and it feels wonderful!
By Erin 27 E (1281), hampton bays on Apr 25, 17 4:49 PM
I can see that you still haven't learned how to form a complete sentence, spell properly, or use correct grammar. Don't ever change Erin! MAGA!
By johnj (1024), Westhampton on Apr 25, 17 5:01 PM
Don't fret. This will be Hamptons Affordable. Unattainable for 95% of Americans
By even flow (1023), East Hampton on Apr 26, 17 5:50 AM
1 member liked this comment
Since JuneZ is incapable of proving her assertion, do any of our other resident leftists care to do so?
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Apr 26, 17 6:38 AM
Ajit Pai announces plan to eliminate Title II net neutrality rules. Vote to begin net neutrality rollback scheduled for May 18.

[expletive deleted] the 4th Amendment, eh?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 26, 17 7:26 PM
Get rid of that garbage. Undo everything the Obama administration touched!
By They call me (2826), southampton on Apr 27, 17 12:46 AM
2 members liked this comment
Wow Affordable housing article turned into yet another political rant about Trump. Get some tissues an move on!! TRUMP IS PRESIDENT !! Maybe use the energy towards something good. Volunteer or something ( free grocery deliveries from KK would be kick a** )

By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 27, 17 8:49 PM
1 member liked this comment
100 days, and shredding Leviticus 19:11 the whole way.

One would think that would perturb good Christian conservatives, no?

But, when you're full of **** it seems lying like a rug is perfectly acceptable. And it would seem there is no shortage of hypocrites these days.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 30, 17 5:55 PM
NO to this Housing unit bc it will bring more traffic to County road 39! Theres already extra traffic on that road now bc all us poor souls are now heading to KK in Hampton Bays bc our Stop & Shop is a sorry excuse for a grocery store! AN the summer traffic is closing in fast!! Put it where the grocery store should have gone!!
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 29, 17 8:23 AM
1 member liked this comment
And Again , Why ,SH Press, is this article removed from the headlines just 3 days after it appeared?? An explanation of your criteria for why this is done to so many articles seems appropriately fair to those of us who pay for the option to make comments. Simple Question ....simple answer?! Thank you in advance for your response
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 29, 17 8:29 AM
This Article is from April 17th. How long do you think it should remain on the front page of the site for?
By adlkjd923ilifmac.aladfksdurwp (747), southampton on Apr 29, 17 9:24 AM
Sweety, it was yanked from the headlines after only 3 days!! True story! Look back at my April 20th comment!! PW Herman was the one who pointed it out!! The only way to find the article was to know the exact headline! You may not have noticed it was removed but others did. It happens all too often on this site.
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 29, 17 9:51 AM
2 members liked this comment
This is a newspaper's website sweetie, not a bulletin board, things do not stay pinned to the front page. New things happen, new stories appear....

No one noticed that the article disappeared b/c that is how a news website is expected to work. And like most other websites of newspapers, the article didn't actually disappear, it was just moved.

By adlkjd923ilifmac.aladfksdurwp (747), southampton on Apr 30, 17 4:48 PM
Your clearly not understanding. This isn't a matter of opinion but whats right there in plain sight. Maybe one day you will put two an two together and realize your incorrect .
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 30, 17 9:05 PM
1 member liked this comment
She is not as stupid as she pretends to be , surely she can see the this story is still in both the most read and most commented as of tonight May 1 at 12 AM
please explain the differance to us.

Apr 12, 2017 10:04 AM Publication: The Southampton Press
Dr. Chris Gobler Shares Opinion, Concerns Over 'The Hills' Proposal
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on May 1, 17 12:11 AM
Agreed! Theres a psychological term for that type of behavior
By toes in the water (884), southampton on May 1, 17 6:56 AM